Bedtime Product Review: What You Really Need In Your Bedroom

June 23, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

In this bedtime product review I am going to show you what you really need at bedtime. Now don’t get excited, we’re not about to show you our sensual lingerie (because we haven’t really bought any recently) or anything to do with sex. Not that we don’t dabble in the odd bit of romance, simply that – these days – it’s the more mundane things in life that get our juices flowing! Like a good night’s sleep, a sofa that doesn’t give you backache, a fragrant candle to uplift your senses… so this is my bedroom product review of items that have worked brilliantly for us and may well do the same for you.

Pillows and duvet / Bedtime product review

Bedside table in grey from OKA - top bedroom productsWhen we moved into our house we had real trouble finding suitable bedside tables. We saw lots that looked like they would last a year at most, quite a few that were badly designed or the wrong size, we only ever seemed to find single cabinets in antique shops, never the elusive pair. Then we went to OKA and our problem was solved. Dove Grey, two shelves, a drawer and a top with a raised lip. That was thirteen years ago and, apart from some slight wear and tear, these stylish and practical bedside tables are still going strong.

Red and cream pleated lampshade, top bedroom products









Call me old fashioned but I very much like pleated lampshades. Many websites sell them but this one also comes from OKA and, like the bedside tables, has lasted for what seems forever.

The Goodness of Dogs by India KnightTalking of reading, Annabel devours books like I devour chocolate. One author we both admire hugely is India Knight. We’ve previously reviewed In Your Prime and Mutton and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what she has to say about The Goodness of Dogs. Being country gels, am confident this will be another excellent read as it’s all about the sheer brilliance of dogs and the life-enhancing delight of dog ownership. Here here India.


Lulu sofa from Made, top bedroom products




The other night, Husband and I were bemoaning the fact that our trusty old sofa is way too soft and squidgy: when we get up after watching TV, our backs are aching. So we are on the look out for something more supportive and yet comfortable and elegant. Well, Annabel has already found one and it is positioned at the end of her bed. Having sat on it myself, I can vouch for just how great this little two seater is. Annabel previously bought two chairs some years ago from Made and says the quality of workmanship is fantastic (and the prices very fair). Have a look at their current selection here.

Underpillows, top bedroom products

And when it’s time to rest my weary head, I can sleep soundly knowing I have the right pillows – essential equipment when you think that the average person spends 25 years asleep during their lifetime. Equally important to me are my under pillows or, as they are also known, pillow protectors. My favourites are from The White Company because apart from guarding against stains/accidents, they are durably made from 100% pure cotton and have a neat zip which ensures they don’t come off when you change the top pillowcase. Two for £15 – often on sale.

Last, but definitely not least, something that is often used by pregnant women but equally wonderful if you suffer from backache, is this U shape body support pillow. Currently reduced.

So there you are my bedtime product review may have been a bit on the practical side and not ‘sexy’ enough but I think making your bedroom practical and attractive is also important.
bedroom ideas, very large pillow to help bad back

Night night, sleep tight. Oh. Having trouble getting a good night’s kip? Why not check out my tips on how to sleep more soundly here.

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