Ora. The All-Round, Very Modern Kitchen Towel

August 18, 2018

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Kitchen towel is kitchen towel, right? Well, actually no. There is a cleverly designed kid on the block called Ora. As kitchen paper is such a versatile product in our homes and a product that we all would be rather lost without, I thought you might like to know about this rather special one.

Kitchen TowelKitchen TowelOra is the world’s first circular household towel 

It features a modern compact stacking system allowing you to grab a single sheet with just one hand. Unlike standard kitchen roll, Ora has no perforations so there is no unravelling, no tearing. The award winning idea is that if you’ve got only one hand free and need to wipe something up in a hurry, you just pluck a towel from the top of the pile. The round shape of Ora better lends itself to being used with one hand, as it fits more naturally into the palm of your hand.

One Ora stack has the same number of sheets as two conventional kitchen rolls

With no inner cardboard tube, each stack lasts longer, takes up less space and is economical.

The freestanding stack

Not only practical but also stylish. Whether in your kitchen, bathroom or on the dining room table. Designed to sit solidly, it won’t topple and unravel like a kitchen roll.

Less waste

As you only remove a single sheet at a time, you never take more than you need.


Strong enough to tackle a dirty hob and soft enough to wipe a grubby face. It’s super strong weave means it won’t disintegrate when wet and is strong enough to rub, wipe and polish without tearing. Oh yes, and it’s lint-free so it also makes a perfect mirror, window and glass polisher.

Kitchen Towel

Multi purpose

Ora can also be used as a napkin, tissue, wipe and towel. So it’s really handy if you are off on a picnic, having a BBQ, going camping or planning a trip to the beach.

Kitchen Towel

Countertop bases are also available

If you prefer to replace the original recyclable base, dishwasher-able countertop bases are available in six high gloss colourways.

Ora kitchen towel and the colourful bases are available in larger Tesco and Asda stores and online from Ocado here

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