Mother’s Day: some unusual & thoughtful gift suggestions

March 3, 2023

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the woman who has been there for you through thick and thin. She is the one who has always loved and supported you, and now it’s your turn to show your appreciation. Finding the perfect gift for your mum can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something sentimental or practical, there’s a gift out there that will make your mum feel loved and appreciated. In this article, I’ll suggest some gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your mum’s face on her special day. And when you are thinking about mothers, then don’t forget grandmothers, godmothers and stepmothers as they could be that special person – it does not have to always be your biological mother.

FAMILEO is the family ‘newspaper’ – the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Oh, Famileo! What a delightfully quirky service this is. As someone who struggles to keep in touch with family members spread across the globe, I was thrilled to discover Famileo’s unique take on communication. I just wish I had known about it when my parents were alive.

Click HERE for more info

Gone are the days of boring emails and dull phone calls or what’s app messages that you can’t find a couple of weeks later. With Famileo, you can send updates to your mother or father and other relatives in the form of a monthly printed newspaper! Yes, you read that right. A newspaper. In 2023!

But wait, it gets better. Famileo lets you easily gather pictures and texts from your family members and compile them into a personalized newsletter. It’s like you are a newspaper editor, but your only reporters are far-flung relatives and your teenage children.

Family members independently upload photos and messages through the Famileo app. So it doesn’t fall on one person (as it so often does!) to compile news. Tom in Tokyo, Stan in the States and Laura in Liverpool all have the app and can upload each of their posts as and when is convenient. Then Famileo automatically generates a newspaper from the resulting news feed.

Can you imagine the excitement on the face of your relative when she receives his/her first issue? Plus, she or he can show it off to their visitors – that picture of their grandson scoring his first goal or the wedding of a relative that they couldn’t get to. Plus, all the stories of little incidental events that really matter.

Overall, Famileo is a fun and unique way to keep in touch with loved ones. And who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned newspaper? So what a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day so subscribe now and get all your family reporting their news.

Famileo is a French company with over 200k families subscribed and launched in the UK last summer. So far, they’re seeing many women between 50 and 65 subscribing to the service (for their parents).

A subscription is £5.99 a month for the whole family (whether there are 2, 12 or 20 of you) to send one paper a month to their elderly relative. Click HERE for more info.

Ivy & Bud – the Posy delivery company

The definition of a posy is a small bunch of cut flowers, and that’s what Ivy & Bud create. Theirs are seasonal – often scented – and as local as they can manage – many are from nearby growers and their garden, which is evolving.

I love a posy as you can pop them anywhere, by your bed, in a cloakroom, on a windowsill – a small burst of colour in a special place. These posies are gorgeous, so pretty and ‘Spring-like’. Maybe my kids will read this post and take the hint.

Click HERE for more info.

You choose your vase, and at a cost of approximately £15 Ivy & Bud will deliver a posy of flowers in your chosen vase with your message in a handwritten note. They also offer a subscription service if you want a regular delivery. One of our readers recommended this company as she had just received a posy created by Ivy & Bud and thought they were so beautiful she kindly shared their name with us.

Click HERE for more info.

Here are a few other gifts I can suggest for Mother’s Day:

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