Nano Towels Will Clean Virtually Anything With Only Water

August 24, 2018

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Nano towels are made out of Nanolon® fiber which is a revolutionary fabric technology.  They are the new e-cloth it would seem. They only need water to clean and they clean any surface. No toxic chemicals or paper towels.

Nano towels - the new cleaning cloth

Of course this is all well and good but do they work? Is it just another marketing ploy to buy another cleaning cloth?

On Monday my daily and I tried them out on all sorts of surfaces. We used them on the stainless steel fridge, the Aga, the granite work surface, bathroom basins, glass shower partitions and it worked on all of them. We used one wet and one dry and it made cleaning so easy.

Nano towels the new cleaning clothNano towels wash in the washing machine. If you register them online, after you have purchased them, then they are guaranteed for one year.

We are keen to use anything that will eliminate chemicals from our home. However they have to get the seal of approval from my daily. She is very keen to preserve the environment however she also wants to clean our house so that it sparkles! I know she approved of the Nano towels as she asked for details so that she could get her other clients to buy them.

The Nano towel will be your go-to cloth anytime you want to reach for a cleaning chemical and paper towel.

They are safe, healthy, green and economical. We, the CountryWives, are very keen to do what we can to help preserve the planet and this may only be a small contribution but nevertheless if we can all do it then it has to be worthwhile. Save the planet and clean your home. Think of the money you will save on all those cleaning fluids and sprays.

They may seem expensive – £39.99 for four – however they are worth it because of the savings you will make.

To purchase these Nano towels click HERE to go to the Amazon website.

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