Top Products for June: Just a few things that A&G can recommend

June 3, 2020

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

I am genuinely trying to eliminate ‘stuff’ from my life i.e. products that are just a gimmick but that after a while I really don’t use and end up in recycling or landfill. However these top products for June I, or one of our A&G friends, has been using consistently and so I can now highly recommend them without fear that they will end up in the rubbish bin!


To buy visit Nailpad – click HERE

First up is the nailpad. We have all been having to do our own manicures and pedicures at home and so this product has really helped save me from inevitable spillages. It is a portable surface that holds your polish and hand steady while you paint your perfect nails. Balancing a bottle of nail varnish can be hazardous so this product creates a flat table with a little spot to hold your varnish.


Flexitags - Top Products for June
To go to Flexitags website click HERE

I don’t know about your dogs but my dogs are constantly losing their traditional dog tags as they get pulled off their collars when they are running through the woods. I have had to purchase so many dog tags in the past as the law is that every dog must be micro-chipped and tagged. So when I was asked to review Flexitags I was more than happy as their tags are danglefree and durable and cannot be ripped off as they run through the undergrowth.

These tags are lightweight, ‘slide-on’ flexible ID tags which you can use on a collar or harness. On the website the ID ruling is explained to make sure that you have the correct info engraved on the tags. There are so many colours so I was able to have ones to match their collars. Nothing is more important to me than the safety of my two dogs so these tags have taken the worry and expense out of my life!

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Guppyfriend washing bag - Top Products for June
To purchase from Me+Em click HERE

We are all becoming so conscious of our environment. These last 10 weeks in lockdown have shown us how precious nature is so tI bought this GUPPYFRIEND® washing bag from Me+Em and have been using it non-stop since.

Countless tiny plastic fibres from synthetic garments are released during washing and make their way from washing machines into the environment. The Guppyfriend washing bag protects your garments and reduces the amount of released microfibres entering rivers and oceans. These microfibres make their way into our food system and ultimately are ingested into our bodies which is very bad for our health. The Guppyfriend washing bag is a daily reminder to adapt our washing rituals.


Black & Decker mini tower fan - Top Products for June
To purchase from Amazon click HERE

Grace’s spied one of these at her marvellous mother-in-law’s (MMiL) house and asked her if she could recommend it. MMiL says it has got her through this heat and she pops it up wherever she is working, her desk, in the kitchen or on her side table whilst she is reading.

This BLACK & DECKER mini tower fan at only 12″ high is ideal for small rooms, bed side tables and desks. The durable copper motor offers high quality performance and low noise output at a maximum of 47 decibels. You can choose between high or low airflow for maximum comfort, with rotary oscillation providing air coverage across a 70° angle to help keep you and the surrounding area cool.


M&S rose wine - Top Products for June

This wine from Marks & Spencers, 2019 Quintessence Rosé, is less than £10. It has a pale hue and mouth-watering aromas of berries, peach and citrus. It’s gentle on the palate, but with enough density to enjoy with food.

Sadly it is only available in store but definitely worth the effort.


Sarah Raven secateurs - Top Products for June
To buy from SARAH RAVEN click HERE

Those of us lucky enough to have a garden will have been out in it more than usual due to a combination of lockdown and gorgeous weather. My roses started flowering earlier than usual and in order to get a second batch of blooms I am dead heading whenever I can. I find it one of the few jobs in the garden that I really enjoy as it does not involve too much bending.

A good set of secateurs are essential for this job and my ones from Sarah Raven have kept going year after year.

I hope you enjoy the 6 items I have recommended for you this month. Annabel x

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