Two Summer reads that will transport you to sunnier climes

June 25, 2021

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Janet Gordon is back with two summer reads that will make you want to go on holiday more than ever.

I’ve normally got a pile of books on the floor ready for packing for a week away in the sun. Still, this year is obviously different. That’s why I’ve chosen two “get away from it all” reads that will transport us off to foreign climes. I was hoping to say sunnier climes but yesterday was scorching whilst today it’s monsoon weather so who knows.

Under a Greek Moon by Carole Kirkwood


There can’t be many of us who haven’t cheered up at the sight of BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood’s lovely face happily presenting the weather from the top of a London building or drenched in a downpour at some seaside or other and now for a change of pace we present Carole, the novelist.

Her debut novel is “Under a Greek Moon” (HarperCollins £10.99 from Amazon). It’s a real old fashioned love story set on the magical Greek island of Ethos. Typical Irish beauty, red-haired Shauna O’Brien was set on the boring but steady role of an accountant. However, somehow her madcap friend Roxy persuaded her into a cheapo backpacking trip to the South of France. This is where Shauna hoped to get a glimpse of her idol Grace Kelly.   However, the two soon discover that the limited supply of money they have won’t get them anywhere. Plus, their idea of picking up work didn’t materialise.

What happens next separates the friends to go their individual ways.  It’s somewhat of a predictable tale but written so beautifully and evocatively that it simply doesn’t matter. However, there are definitely a couple of twists. And the visions of Greek beaches, Greek food and magical evenings will have you determined to book a Greek holiday.

I thoroughly enjoyed Under a Greek Moon and it is a lovely summer read.

A Very French Wedding by Maeve Haran  (Pan £7.37 from Amazon)


But if you’d prefer travelling to the wine-growing region of Dordogne in deepest France, then A Very French Wedding (Pan, £7.37 from Amazon) by accomplished novelist Maeve Haran is perfect.

I’ve read all of Maeve’s previous novels, and I’ve loved them all. Who hasn’t dreamt of living in a chateau in France? Or perhaps opening a boutique B&B where you can enjoy the sun, wine and idyllic lifestyle.

Well, Steph already has the B&B and the loving husband, but finances are precarious. However, Steph persuades school friends Meredith and Jo to have a reunion holiday at Steph’s B&B. This is where coincidentally the very wealthy single-minded businesswoman Meredith discovers not only that the local chateau is up for sale, but it’s the very same chateau that she and her recently deceased Dad used to dream about living in.

Of course, she has no alternative but to buy it. So what happens next is a riotous blend of fun, busybodies, heartache and romance.

Again a wonderful summer read which I didn’t want to finish.

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