How to find the perfect Jeans to fit our not-so-perfect body shapes

November 25, 2022

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

I recently visited Artichoke Collection in Norfolk as they hosted a fashion show. After the show, I watched Sarah, the owner, fit various women with jeans, including myself. She knows exactly what works well with each of the body shapes she was presented with. She is not afraid to say things like, “Sorry, I see camel toe”, as she did with me on a couple of styles.


So I asked her to briefly describe each of the styles she sells, which might help you if you are trying to find a new pair.

I came away with a pair of Anna Montana Magic Stretch, and Sarah got me to go up a size as this gives a more flattering boyfriend shape.

Gone are the days when we were tempted by ‘designer’ jeans at exorbitant prices. These jeans are affordable and hard-wearing, with just the right amount of stretch. Sarah manages to find the right pair for every body shape. She won’t let her clients say, they can’t find jeans to suit them.

In the picture on the left Grace is wearing: Artichoke’s Brandtex viscose roll-neck version (£40), Jump-in jeans (£66) and Padova leather trainers from Jones Bootmaker (available in 14 colourways). Annabel is wearing: Dusky blue roll neck (£45) and Angelika 1975 Magic Stretch (£72) from Artichoke Collection, and boots from Pavers(£59.99)


1975 Angelika Magic Stretch £72 – called by Mark Heyes ‘The not too skinny, skinny’ & featured by him on Lorraine five times now. A mid-rise that follows the line of your leg. They are great for most shapes but are 32” long. These are our best-selling jeans.

Click HERE.

1913 7/8 Angelika Magic Stretch £72 – a 27” leg version of the above but with limited stock availability. Perfect for petites & worn as cropped trousers by others. Click HERE.

2021 Perfect Jeans £66 – these are our answer to the issue that Anna Montana doesn’t make Magic Stretch in many lengths. These jeans have a slightly higher rise & are marginally narrower in the leg. Available in 28”/30” /32” leg. Seasonal colours will be available soon.

Click HERE.

1001 Jump In Jeans. 30” leg Pull-on jeans with soft top – great for apple shape ladies as they accommodate the tum but remain relatively narrow in the leg. Lots of ladies who put on weight during lockdown have moved from Magic Stretch to Jump In, they are now our second-best-selling jeans, but there is not much in them these days. Also available in 28” (1000)  & 32” (1002) legs but limited stock availability.

Click HERE.

4014 Dora Jeans. Straight-leg jeans are designed for ladies with tummies who like loose-fitting jeans. Great for pear shapes with dippy backs, as the partially elasticated waistband brings it into the small of your back. Also available in 28” (4103).

Click HERE.

Ronja £79 – straight-leg jeans with lots of stretch – limited availability until spring. 29 & 31” leg – a similar fit to Dora. Click HERE.

Body Perfect – not too skinny jeans – as the Ronja, limited availability until spring & two lengths. Better on people with waists and bottoms or thighs than those without. Click HERE.

2011 Julia Jean. A traditional straight leg for hourglasses & pear shapes, but you need a waist. They have fallen from grace in recent years, but I think they will regain popularity as legs widen. Also available in 2012 (32” leg).

Click HERE.

1920 Liebling Jean 31” leg – not too skinny skinny, but you must have a waist & thighs. Click HERE.

We also have some pull-on Stehmann jeans but are phasing them out. Slight flares arriving in the new year are pull-on with a wide leg. We are very excited about both.

THE BEST ADVICE ARTICHOKE CAN OFFER IS TO PLEASE GIVE THEM A CALL01760724948. They will try and give you a jeans fitting over the phone but are happy to do them via video calls. Sarah and Donna are brilliant at finding the jean shape that will best suit you so do give them a ring.

Artichoke do not just sell jeans. They stock a comprehensive range of clothes suitable for older women. They have their own brand and also stock carefully selected other brands.

Here are some of their loyal customers modelling fashion from the range.

Click HERE to read the post, Gilets, Polos, Shirts: it’s all about layering clothes with Artichoke.

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