Sassy avoids a 50th birthday

May 16, 2014

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

byeSo I meet Charles a couple more times before I realise this friendship will never lead anywhere and reluctantly it is me that does the letting go. Let’s face it, intimacy is something you lead into gently not diving into headlong like we did – where else do you go? I do not regret this out of character episode, especially as his last (6 year) relationship was with a 28 year old, which is flattering. Bizarrely we are connected via LinkedIn and Charles decides he needs to endorse my skills, but we end up laughing as we try and find the right adjectives!!

bikiniI decided to go on another trip away with BFF (Best Female Friend). This one has been carefully planned as it is EH (Ex Husband’s) 50th birthday and he is having a party. He has been busy redecorating the ex -family home (not necessarily to my taste I have to say) and it is clear that Fluff will be hosting the bash and that some of our old friends will be there.  I know I need to be far away as this is one landmark that I always thought we would celebrate together.  So BFF and I are heading for the sunshine with the intention of doing as little as possible!

In Accessorize in the North Terminal I spot a kindly man holding a bikini for his wife and gently tease him that the style may be flattering, but it is clearly not his colour. Who was to know that, not only were they on the same flight as us, but they are staying in the same hotel as we discover when sharing a taxi. We bump into them again at breakfast/pool etc and they are utterly charming – he is early 70’s, she is  early 60’s and they have been together for ten years. You know when you just click with people?

Anyway two guys who also seem to be around the pool a lot catch my eye and I comment that one seems to have a “sonic screwdriver”… it transpires it is one of these electronic cigarettes and we ease them into conversation. Eventually the six of us are a tight knit gang – a tiny minority in a sea of Russians – we have dinner together and sit near each other by the pool – but still do our own thing. For me and BFF this means visiting the Spa regularly, but on the boys’ last full day we decide to all throw ourselves into everything and we all chose an activity we want to do.

fun fingerThe Gym: 9am we all meet up and take up positions on bikes, cross trainers and treadmills. Luckily no-one else is there as we start throwing medicine balls and pumping iron – it’s hilarious! We had set a goal of just 5 minutes but stay around half an hour as we all enjoy ourselves so much.

Yoga by the pool: the temperature is already rising and only a few minutes into the class all the guys manage to get the barman to deliver them beers to their mats! It causes more hilarity and we have a ball!

Belly dancing class – probably my favourite especially with the boys with their jangly sparkly dancing belts on.

Crazy golf: really really good fun and, amazingly, we are all incredibly competitive. It goes to the last hole and the girls win !!!sun

Aqua Aerobics: being hearty Brits we end our session doing the Hokey Cokey. The Russians have NO idea what to make of us. One of our challenges has also been to engage one in conversation and make them smile but this proves a bit more difficult.

It is super super fun and just what we all need. However after one evening of drinks it is only yours truly that strips to her underwear for a Late Night Swim – although over breakfast the next morning we discover how many of the group were commando and not quite so brave!

I’m back home now and cannot get over how much the countryside has changed with tiny buds now in full bloom and spring well and truly sprung! It is all good.

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