February at The Joy Club: LGBT+ History Month

January 31, 2023

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This February The Joy Club will be observing LGBT+ History Month, celebrating queer history and culture through their headliner talks.

They will kick the month off by tackling a pressing question: Where are our queer women in history? This talk will focus on Kath Duncan, a U.K. civil rights leader whose story has – until now – gone untold. Then, for those who want to get involved in the conversation around LGBT+ issues but aren’t sure where to start, they have an expert-led workshop. Later in the month, The Joy Club will delve deeper into queer history with a broad overview from Jo Brassington and a specialist talk on LGBT+ lessons we can derive from 20th century Germany. Read on to find out more about how you can get involved…

Kath Duncan: Where are our queer women in history?

Thursday 9th February 2.30pm

Why is history so bad at telling the stories of queer women like Kath Duncan, this century’s most important U.K. civil rights leader? Put the world to rights with multi-award winning activist Ray as they tell Kath Duncan’s incredible story, whilst exploring the reasons why this story has been neglected for so long.

LGBT + workshop: Getting involved in the conversation

Thursday 16th February 3.30pm

LGBT+ History Month is in full swing, so now is the time to learn more about the LGBT+ community. This workshop will cover LGBT+ friendly language and will open up into a no-silly-questions Q&A so you can be ready to engage in these important conversations this February and beyond.

LGBT+ history: Our past and present

Friday 17th February 11.00am

Explore LGBT+ History Month with trans educator Jo Brassington as you come to understand the global history of LGBT+ people, before looking at how the community is defining itself in 2023. You will also have the opportunity to develop a more LGBT+ friendly vocabulary.

Gay rights, sexology and queer selves: Lessons from 20th century Germany

Tuesday 21st February 3.00pm

Gain insight into 20th and 21st century queer and trans history, focusing on Weimar Germany, and how these histories have informed our understanding of sexuality today. You will learn about the introduction of the term ‘homosexuality’, and the origins of gay and trans rights movements in Europe. The session will engage with one of the first films that portrays a gay character and it will touch upon the 20th century science of sexology, its entanglement with eugenics and the legacy it holds today.

How much does it cost to become a member of The Joy Club?

There’s plenty more to discover and enjoy at The Joy Club. If you’re not already a member, you can sign up and enjoy one month of free Premium membership (normally £9.99 a month), which will give you unlimited access to all their sessions, their new daily uplifting articles and all the conversations happening in their community forum. You won’t need to provide your card details and there’s no obligation to stay on after your trial.

About The Joy Club

The Joy Club is an online activity club and community that provides inspiration for a joyful retirement. Members can try something new at live online events, find inspiration with their uplifting articles and videos, and discover a community of like-minded people in their forum.

Whether you’d like to try your hand at crafting, practise Tai Chi or join an expert talk – or perhaps you’d prefer to grab a cuppa and settle in to read our latest articles – there’s something to bring you joy at The Joy Club. Membership is open to anyone living in the UK who is retired or semi-retired.

What their members are saying…

“When compared to other similar ventures, The Joy Club feels vibrant and not at all staid. It feels as if it is about more of the fun stuff.” (Elsa)

Why not give it a go? Join The Joy Club for free today!

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