Louloulapomme: frazzled of France

August 23, 2013

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Louloulapomme: frazzled of FranceWell here we are coming to the end of an absolutely manic few weeks and as I write I am beginning to lose the will to do b&b anymore!  It’s only because I’m really, really tired and very jealous of all the people who pass through our house at the height of the holiday season, all excited and positive and looking forward to a couple of weeks of relaxation.  Meanwhile muggins doesn’t look forward to cleaning, stripping and making beds, washing, (I can’t say ironing as my star of a husband does it!), shopping, planning and then cooking four course meals every night, and putting on the charm when we eat with them.

Like Grace, I have found having a good moan lightens the load – thank you for listening!  And I shall bounce back with renewed energy next week when things slow down and before the family arrive for three weeks at the beginning of September.  And when they’ve gone we will say “hello Winifred” (the name of our trusty caravan) and wend our weary way towards Alsace, where we plan to sample the wines.

We are a small concern and last month I got it a bit wrong on the bookings front.  We had a large family group who booked all three rooms for three nights, including the caravan for a couple of teenagers.  After I had taken the reservation my eldest rang to say that her husband would be in Cairo (he’s a cameraman so I want to make a public tribute to all journalists who deliver real news at great danger to themselves – and when I say real I am obviously discounting Daily Mail/Hello!/ OK writers who call themselves journalists) so could she come over with Teddy, my grandson, for 10 days?  The thought of ten days squidging the most gorgeous baby in the world took over my frazzled brain and I naturally said yes!

We gave them our bedroom so there would be minimal disruption to Teddy’s little routine, which is quite well established at nearly four months old.  It only occurred to me after they had arrived that we would have nowhere to sleep for a few nights…

Suffice it to say I have vowed that I will never sleep on a mattress on the kitchen floor again with my face pressed against the onion basket and a cat thinking my head was his personal pillow.  Unless, of course, Teddy needs a room…



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