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August 4, 2014

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

solicitors, sexting and shavingSo relations with EH (ex husband) continue to be non existent with our only communications now through solicitors – a situation we vowed never to get into, but letters fly between the two just tit for tat. His solicitor wants a list of my outgoings so I can prove “need”. My solicitor says I do not have to prove need and under some matrimonial clause or other I am entitled to the kind of lifestyle I had before the marriage breakdown.

solicitors, sexting and shavingI am asked to give permission for EH to take younger son away. On principle I refuse and ask who the holiday party will consist of (guessing that Fluff is going). I am told my questions are intrusive and irrelevant. How is it irrelevant that he goes on holiday with a woman he hardly knows and yet never sees his own mother? It is certainly relevant to me. However I back down on that one – to deny my son a holiday will hardly strengthen things between us;  actually we have started talking and texting more and he assures me she could never replace me and that he loves me etc etc etc but he is in a difficult place. So I know we will be ok but it is hard very hard as a mother to not see your child and feel excluded from their life.

EH for, I think, the third month now doesn’t pay my allowance 🙁 His knee jerk reaction because I didn’t sign off our financial agreement? I didn’t sign the agreement as I never had financial disclosure, so we still run in circles around each other. However lack of funds hasn’t stopped my social life…

solicitors, sexting and shavingI go with a group of girlfriends to Ascot every year and we always have such fun. However we were all agreed this might be our last year 🙁 It is just getting too crowded (with probably the wrong sort) and too manic. I queued for 20 minutes when we first arrived for a jug of Pimms to be told they had run out of jugs! Another bar, another 15 minute queue then a fight back to the grandstand, then massive queues for the loos! Just not fun anymore 🙁 However the pub we go to before and after the races is always the best part for me – amazing bands and a great atmosphere. We even talked about skipping the racing and just going here during Ascot week! We grabbed a table but when I came back from the loo, there was a man sitting in my chair. I told him he had taken my place but,as he was extremely cute (Graham) and just gave me a lazy smile, I just took it upon myself to plonk myself in his lap!! He was utterly charming and good company, but we were unable to stay as we were going on to a party. I know, I know it’s all so hectic! We exchanged numbers before we left.

The next morning there was a message on my mobile from Graham – along with a picture of his extremely large willy! Obviously huge shrieks from me and I raced downstairs to share with all the girls (as you would). Throughout the day four more photos arrive of the aforementioned willy. To use a racing analogy, this “relationship” with Graham is never going to get out of the starting stalls – for a start he is married with very young children! And he was so gentlemanly and respectable when I met him. Even now I get photos with “my wife is out, the kids are asleep and I am thinking of you” and another knob picture! As harmless and silly as it all is, I give my poor nieces a lecture on sexting – you just never know where the pictures will end up and I have showed a fair few friends the joys of Graham!

solicitors, sexting and shavingLike Annabel I too live in Henley and in July there is no town like it. I was out every day during Regatta and watched the racing and sometimes just sat by the river with a drink and people watched. On one occasion a man joined me and we got chatting and swapped numbers. A couple of days later he called and offered to take me out for finals day. It was just the two of us, a jug of Pimms and a couple of bottles of bubbly on ice. We motored up and down all afternoon, stopped off for lunch, then ended in the pub watching the men’s finals. He was superb company and it was a great day.

The next night I had a date with someone I communicated with on the internet months and months ago. He was going on a corporate day out to regatta and had contacted me to ask for protocol etc etc so we agreed to a date after regatta. So I met him and we had dinner. He is delightful and I’ve since had three more dates (with both men!). Talk about feast or famine – I have never shaved my legs so often !! (Not that anything yet has happened with either.) But this juggling is going to prove a challenge!!!

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