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July 23, 2014

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Still going strongHave recently been away with eldest son to New York – we had a total blast. Weather was gorgeous and we saw four Broadway shows in as many days! We both seemed to develop different time clocks. I would wake about 5am and be shattered by 9pm, whereas my son would happily sleep until 10am and still be buzzing at midnight.

Still going strongOn our first night we went for a wander to get our bearings and passed the theatre where Bryan Cranston was performing – timing it brilliantly as he was just coming out! For those who haven’t seen the smash TV series Breaking Bad in which he stars, this will not mean much. But, for the two of us, huge fans, it really was a special moment. What a lovely man. The Big Apple was pretty hectic and exhausting, but we had great fun.

Still going strongLife is still ticking on. Had a traumatic court hearing as EH (ex husband) and I still fail to agree the basics. It’s so agonising to sit in a room with a stranger discussing the end of my marriage and acknowledging and talking about the girlfriend. I leave in tears and the emotional turmoil lasts for days afterwards and I am very weepy and exhausted. I cannot believe that it is now two years on and this is still causing so much pain.

police-carI go to spend time with my brother, as I need to be with family who are happy to listen and mop the tears. I have a good weekend but am emotionally raw and, as I drive home, I am pulled over on the M25 for speeding. I know I am in the wrong and happy to accept the consequences. However, as they take away my licence, the tears flow again and when they come back to me I can hardly string a sentence together. One of the policemen drives me in my car to the nearest service area while his colleague follows. He bought me a coffee and sat with me for half an hour and listened to my tale of woe and told me of his own difficult divorce. I amazingly get off with a caution and feel my faith in humanity has grown – and I am driving very carefully these days!

Life in Henley is especially busy at this time of year and so my social life is booming ! I’m having great fun with friends, colleagues and family – however still hoping for that evasive special someone to share my life. My life is in limbo 🙁 I want this divorce finalised so I can finally move forward. This has been dragging on for far too long 🙁

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