An Autumn Update for your home without spending a fortune

November 6, 2019

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

We naturally spend more time in our houses in the winter months so it is the perfect time to give an Autumn Update to your home. Marks and Spencer may not be your obvious go-to-website for homewares however we have discovered that, as with their fashion, Marks and Spencer offer quality and value and some real fun items.

For this post I have concentrated on one room – our sitting-room or TV room. This is a room that in the winter needs to be cosy and inviting. We love to hunker down with a box set on a cold winter’s evening. Alternatively we love to have friends for supper and we always start and end the evening in our sitting room.

Some simple styling suggestions:

Annabel's TV room given an Autumn update using items from Marks & Spencer
  • Choose one room or area to begin with.
  • Our first suggestion would be to reduce your colour palette i.e. keep it simple with a maximum of three colours though you can always add tones of these colours.
  • Mix up the textures by introducing different fabrics with your cushions and throws.
  • Add a sculptural item to give your room some different shapes.
  • Bring nature inside your room by adding fresh flowers and plants. At this point I must add that the Marks and Spencer faux plants and flowers are of such a high quality it is hard to tell the difference.
  • Candles not only add to the ambience of a room and if you choose the fragrance carefully then it can be warming as well e.g. Grapefruit & Ginger candles.
Using different textured accessories from Marks & Spencer to update a room. From post ~ An Autumn Update for your home without spending a fortune
Different textures with the cushions and throws
FOXTAIL GRASS £25 Marks & Spencer

I sent the pictures of my TV room transformed by Marks and Spencer to my family and they all loved it. They said I must buy it all!

As I said it was not a question of throwing out everything I already owned but just by adding one or two items here and there we created a different look.

I was keen to stick to a budget with this Autumn update and that was easy with Marks and Spencer.

Small homeware accessories from Marks & Spencer. From post ~ An Autumn Update for your home without spending a fortune
Tea light lanterns, fragrance candles, ceramic vase
To view the full range click HERE

Marks and Spencer produce far more than just the accessories for your home that I have mentioned. If you are thinking about buying a new sofa then have a look at their full range HERE. There is an emporium of wonderful products to be found. In actual fact everything that every room in a home could wish for.

To view Annabel chatting about her Autumn update for her TV room watch below:

For some other Home update ideas click HERE to read Grace’s post on Bathroom Favourites.

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