Facial hair removal!

July 3, 2014

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Facial hair removal

It is a concern for most of us ‘slightly older’ ladies that unfortunately, as we age, our hair growth increases but not always where you want it! As your head hair decreases in volume your chin hairs increase in length, strength and volume!

One of my friends once told me that their 14 year old son asked, “Mum, why do you have a beard and other mothers don’t?” That hurt! Then the other day I was driving a couple of friends to lunch and we got onto the subject of facial hair via a very funny route. One of my friends said that the previous night they went to clean their teeth late at night, in a dimmed light and mistakenly used the tube of hair removal cream instead of toothpaste to clean her teeth! So then we got onto what we each use to remove those desperately unsightly hairs that dangle from our chin. We discovered we all use different methods and as I have tried all three I will give you my opinion on each of them:

1. Nads hair removal removal cream (only use the one for facial hair) which melts the hair in between 4 – 10 minutes. Very easy to apply, bit of a bad smell, but comes with very nice post cream which will take away any irritation or redness. Do check in your magnifying mirror (at a certain age we all buy one of these and they become our bathroom go-to tool) for the odd one that has not ‘melted’ and use the tweezers to extract. I found this method simple and successful.

2. Veet facial hair wax strips I did not like these as they did not seem to work on me as efficiently as the cream or plucking but I can imagine that if you have a lot of facial hair these would be excellent.

3. Threading at a BLINK Brow Bar. I go regularly to have my eyebrows shaped at one of these bars and they thread any stray facial hairs if I ask them. However as I only go once a month to shape my eyebrows this does not work for all those fast-growing little chin hairs and you will need mid-eyebrow shape back-up! Also most Blink Brow Bars are in quite a public place so you do risk one of your friends walking past as you have this done!!

4. Tweezers which I find is the easiest and cheapest way and the most successful as I find my hairs do not grow at the same time and rate therefore I am often just whipping one stray little b***** out as soon as I see him wave his little tail at me!

Hope this helps!!

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