Lip Care: Burt’s Bees New Range Of Lip Products And Lipsticks

August 18, 2018

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It is amazing with all the skincare products out there that we may or may not religiously massage into our skin we often forget lip care. We know that the skin around our eyes is much thinner and so we need a lighter cream specific for that area however lips are equally as important. They develop those tell-tale signs of age with tiny little lines that go upwards and downwards and can be quite an issue with lipstick creeping into them.

I think lip care is worth considering as this is such a well-used and looked at area of our face. If your lips look healthy and moisturised with a hint of a glow then you will shine. We have often written or featured some of the Burt’s Bees® products but we were very happy to be asked to review some of their new range.

Burt’s Bees® has been offering distinctively earth-friendly, natural health and beauty care products for over 30 years. From a beekeeper’s backyard in Maine to the leading edge of natural, Burt’s Bees® knows natural body care solutions from head-to-toe and operates with The Greater Good™ top of mind. No phthlates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS and no animal testing.

Burt's Bees lip care products

Lip Care

They have three new products in their Lip Care range, called Prep and Prime. There is a Moisturising Lip Mask that instantly hydrates with a nourishing blend of all-natural ingredients including Meadowfoam Seed and Almond oils. It is easy to apply, leave it on for 5 minutes and then gently massage excess formula into lips. I noticed a visible difference after I used this product. I will use it more often in the winter when my lips get particularly dry from the cold and central heating.

There is also a conditioning lip scrub which buffs away rough, dry skin and then you can apply the overnight intensive Lip Treatment. This treatment contains a blend of Peppermint and Jojoba Oil to soothe and condition lips. Both of these products are £6.99

Lip care is important for all of us whether you wear lipstick or just enjoy having bare lips. Your lips will benefit from these treatments and you are not using any chemicals on an area of your body where they could be easily absorbed.

Moving onto their lip colour products which I have personally been using for some time as they are always so moisturising and the colours are gentle which is perfect for daily use.

Lip Colour

Lip colours from Burts Bees - satin lipsticks - lip care

Burt’s Bees® has recently teamed up with leading cruelty-free and ethical make-up artist, Justine Jenkins, to create three trend lip looks using their natural lip colour collection. There are some beautifully vibrant colours though if you are buying online choose a shade darker as they really are quite gentle. You can always layer up.

There are glossy and satin lipsticks (£9.99).  There are six colours in the glossy range. I found the Nude Rain too pale as I need a bit of vibrant colour on my lips. My eldest daughter who does not like lipstick loved this one. My favourite is Rose Falls, a peachy-pink which naturally enhances my lips. The gloss is just the right level, not sticky but just moisturising.

I personally preferred the satin lipstick for an every day look. There are 18 shades to choose from. Again I would go for something a little darker than you think you need. The Fuschia Flood is a vibrant pink and really gives my face a lift when I use it.

They also have Matte Lip crayons and Tinted oils – all of which are brilliant products. I like the crayons as they are easy to apply when you are on the run so I keep one in my handbag at all times.

You can find all of the colours in either John Lewis or larger branches of Boots as I would advise trying them to find your perfect lipstick. If you would like to look at the whole range online click HERE to go through to the Burt’s Bees® website.

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