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The course is necessary to everyone, who wants to know how to draw CORRECTLY! Who values his time and wishes to get right information in a quick and interesting way!

During this course you will get necessary professional tools for drawing, which have been improved at thousands of my students all over the world – just give a hand and take such priceless experience!

You will get the most important basics of construction and graphics, through which your drawings can get a super-volume, one will want to touch them directly from a sheet!

You will learn your the secret of WOW-effect in your graphics, which not every university is ready to share with! This effect will give your drawings a real 3-D!

You will learn 5 simple methods of making the hatchings beautiful and elegant!

You will learn how to create light-and-shade and how to put an object into extra-volume thanks to semitone, shadow border and reflex!

Moreover, you will learn how correctly sharpen a pencil and professionally hold a pencil.

And what hand-training exercises practicing artist usually do to make the hands obey them 🙂

Course program:

  • How to sharpen a pencil correctly

  • How to hold a pencil correctly depending on the sheet format

  • 5 ordinary rules of a beautiful hatch

  • Light construction on the example of a geometric figure – a CYLINDER.

  • How to draw a super-volume volume on the example of a cylinder

  • How to create WOW-effect volume on the example of CONE. The secret of the XV century from Leonardo da Vinci

Course materials (just a little:

  • Pencil of different hardness and softness from H to 6B

  • Drafting paper A4, several sheets

  • Will use a bit a pair of compasses and a ruler

  • Rubber (will be even less used)

‘I beg you not to throw away your time drawing prepared before pictures at somebody’s dictation.

I will teach you how to feel and understand what you are drawing.

After that you will succeed on drawing EVERYTHING YOU WANT, but not others!

Let’s go, I’m waiting for you :)’

PS. 15% of the course profit receives a children hospice “The house with light”.


Что бы вы не мечтали научиться рисовать – городские пейзажи, портреты, даже пиксельарт – нужно начинать с построения – с рисунка! Рисунок – всему голова!

Русская школа рисунка традиционно считается одной из самых сильных!

О себе. Я училась и работала в самом классном университете Москвы, в котором работали известнейшие художники ХХ века – Петров-Водкин, Малевич, Родченко, Лисицкий и другие.

Наш университет известен строгой базой классического, академического рисунка и живописи.

Я очень люблю именно графику, поэтому сняла несколько курсов по Рисунку.

Курсы я предлагаю проходить по очереди:

  1. “Основы графики. От начинающего до мастера”

  2. “Перспектива для художников от А до я”

Вскоре еще появятся на английском языке:

  1. “Как построить освещение”

  2. “Тон в рисунке”

  3. “Основы начертательной геометрии”

  4. “Анатомия для художников за 210 минут”

  5. “Основы портрета. Бюст Афродиты”

и другие

Курс “Основы рисунка” прошли более 5 000 русскоговорящих студентов по всему миру, теперь я решила попробовать перевести курс на английский.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to select materials for drawing correctly
  2. How to hatch correctly and to explore what ‘a hatch along shape’ means.
  3. 5 frequent mistakes and secrets
  4. What is light, shadow, semitone, reflex and how to apply it into your drawing
  5. How to make a super-volumed drawing? WOW-effect secret for your drawings
  6. How to draft simple figures on the example of a cylinder and a cone
  7. We will learn how to deal with projections and orthogonals
  8. A couple of mysteries and secrets we have received from Leonardo da Vinci!