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This course is intended for Bernina Software 7 owners who want to learn all the ins and outs of Bernina Software 7.

This course can be up to 60 min of Bernina Software 7, and the seventh course of twenty courses where we will explain the workings of Bernina Software 7.

Explore Step Fill types, settings and stitchangles, as well as what Pull compensation, underlay and stitch density is, and how to manage.

  • Understand the color tools and icons and know which to select
  • Select one object or specific objecs to change while others remain original
  • Manage your thread color chart with branded colors for specific projects.
  • Problem solving with color cart and how to work around it
  • Continue with color changes and use more options offered.

We have broken Bernina Software 7 down into 20 courses of not more than 60 min each for your convenience. In each course we will cover a section of the software.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand how to customize color
  2. Explore more in changing designs
  3. Create designs with own color choices