#1 Modern Job Search Strategies for 2019 - Interview Tips

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Course Description

Get onto your dream job with modern job search strategies using social media. In this course you will get :-

1. Modern Job search strategies & Funnel

2. Salary Negotiations Strategies & Principals

3. How to answer any questions in interview with one formula?

4. LinkedIn Basics, Advance and LinkedIn for Jobs.

5. How to use google for job search?

6. How to Network with your Network?

7. How to generate leads for your job?

8. World's 1st 90 Days Dream Job Journal with a step by step tutorials!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Modern Job Search Strategies
  2. How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search
  3. Salary Negotiations Strategies & Principles
  4. How to answer situational questions
  5. Insights on Resume Design