1 Month Inspiration @ 1 Min Per Day

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Course Description

Do you need inspiration, but don’t have the time?

Here is a quick course consisting of 31 insights & quotes of 1 minute each covering various topics. You could complete the whole course in under 35 minutes.

However, why not benefit to the max and try a completely NEW way of doing this course.

This is my recommended route.

Watch 1 insight per day and use the day to think about what has been shared and apply it in your life. Ideally, when you wake up in the morning, decide what number between 1 – 31 resonates with you at that moment. Now simply click on the equivalent insight, and use that as your inspiration and food for thought for the day. In this way, a month later you should have a completely new outlook on life and expanded your mind to a new level of consciousness.

To start... watch the short introduction and decide on your first insight, and then continue for the next month!

Plus you can download the E-Book on everything covered as well!

Topics covered:

These are the topics covered: Memories Stay Forever; The Meaning of Discipline; Truth & Fruitfulness; Be Consistent; Build Someone Up; Be Happy Now; Make Your Dreams Become Reality; Worry is Pointless; Magic Exists in All of Us; Fairy Tale Belief; Don't Hold On To Anything; Don't Be An Askhole; No One Owes You Anything; Coping with Fear; Stop Complaining; Stop Judging Others; Find Yourself First; Stop Trying to Impress People Who Don't Care; Only You Have the Power; Declutter Your Life; Find Time to Relax; Friendship is Based on Commonalities and Not Differences; Honesty is the Most Important Human Trait; Passion Defined; Keep Track of Awesomeness; Struggle is Part of Success; The Power of a Smile; Time Moves On, Regardless of What I Do; We All Do Things Differently; Only You Have To Live with Your Thoughts; Do It At Least Once.

Expected Outcomes

  1. See life from have a more positive view and realise that it all starts with YOU as an individual.