10 Christian Entrepreneur Prayers That May Change Your Life

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Course Description

This course is for Christian business owners and entrepreneurs. It takes a look at the Bible and how it relates to business success. Use these prayers to develop faith to take action on your mission. Many Christians might believe that ministry is just at the church but business people are in a ministry and calling from God as well. We need to pray for ourselves and for others. Give these 10 prayers a chance I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here is what is included

  • The ten prayers created for entrepreneurs
  • Bible passages to support the prayers
  • Theological reasoning for the prayers
  • Ideas on how and when to use them
  • PDF of the prayers so you can print them
  • Use them daily or whenever you want... It is up to you.
  • A way to pray for yourself and for others
  • A way to pray in the good times and the bad times
  • Bonuses from a Christian Workout and other Christian programs

I hope you enjoy the program and utilize it to strengthen your faith and your mission from God.

Expected Outcomes

  1. 10 prayers the instructor uses as a faith based believer
  2. Bible passages and reasoning behind the prayers
  3. Action plan on how to use the prayers
  4. Bonuses from other christian programs