12-Day Fluency Blueprint

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Course Description

The No.1 reason why English learners don't become fluent is...

They don't know the difference between "LEARNING" and "STUDYING".

Speaking a language is a SKILL, just as much as riding a bicycle or shooting a basketball. You don't acquire proficiency in a skill through studying it from books. Instead you need to gain experience performing the skill!


So, the ONE THING you need to understand is this...

The TRUTH About Fluency is...

You cannot buy it!

You can only BUILD it!

And the 12-DAY FLUENCY Blueprint will show you the ONLY 100% GUARANTEED and PROVEN way to become fluent in English.

But don't misunderstand! This course is NOT a promise to make you fluent in 12 days.

Learning a new language takes years. It even took you several years to learn your native language!

Instead, this course is a "BLUEPRINT".

A blueprint for a house is a detailed set of instructions on HOW to build it.

In the same way, the 12-Day Fluency Blueprint is a detailed set of instructions on HOW to build your FLUENCY!

What will you get in this course?

12 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons:

- Achieve FLUENCY regardless of where you're from or where you live.

- Understanding TRUE Fluency

- 3 Keys To Learning Like A NATIVE (The RRC Method)

- Improve Your ACCENT

- Build Your Writing Skills

- Build Your Listening Skills

- Be A Better Conversationalist


- 4 Ways To Practice Your Speaking

- Breaking Plateaus

- How To Powerfully Impact People's Lives

- Test Taking Tips (IELTS, TOEFL)


2 BONUS FREE lessons from my online weekly coaching program.



FREE Lifetime Access to my Fluent Like A Boss Facebook Group!

Join live interactive zoom sessions to connect with me and other members in the community!

Expected Outcomes

  1. The FASTEST Way To Become FLUENT In English
  2. How To Become FLUENT In English All By Yourself
  3. How To LEARN English Like A NATIVE
  4. The BEST Free & Low Cost Online Resources
  5. Special DISCOUNT Offers For Other Courses
  6. The Most Effective Learning Strategies To Become FLUENT