Financial Foundation from credit to cryptocurrency!

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Course Description

***3 Bonus Courses Added 10/29/2018 ***

***Bonus Podcasts Added 8/10/2019***

In this 4-part course you will:

- Learn how to get a good credit score

- Learn how to budget

- Learn how to invest in your 401k, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more

- Learn how to invest in cryptocurrency

- Learn from some of the best personal finance podcasts around

3 of the 4 courses make up the series, Financial Foundation. Financial Foundation is a 3-part course designed to teach young men and women to become financially self-sufficient adults. Budgeting, Credit and Investing are the areas that will be taught. Ultimately, this course will be a boot-camp to financially prepare young adults to prevent them from having to “learn the hard way”

The final course is called, “How to Analyze an ICO”. How to Analyze an ICO is a class offers you a system to analyze an Initial Coin Offering(ICO). This system is simple but effective. The knowledge that you learn in this class will be fortified with walkthroughs, a scoring system, real-life examples and knowledge checks along the way. You’ll also have access to bonus resources, such as a podcast and an Altcoin ICO example document.


In iInvest you'll learn,

- 401(k) Fundamentals - Learn why a 401(k) is important and how to get the most out of it for retirement planning.

- Stock Market Fundamentals - Learn why a stock price goes up and down and gain a true understanding of the stock market.

- Mutual Fund Fundamentals - Learn what a mutual fund is, how they work and their advantages and disadvantages.

- Bonds, Booms and Building Portfolios - Learn about bonds, booms and how to build a portfolio. You'll also learn the correlation between risk and investment horizon.


***Bonus Course***

In Creating a High-Octane Budget you'll learn,

- Emergency Funds - Learn why an emergency fund is a necessary account for all adults. Plus, don't miss the Emergency Funds podcast.

- Needs vs. Wants - Learn the difference between needs and wants. It is paramount to understand this distinction prior to making a budget.

- Creating SMART Goals - Learn why goals should be setup in a certain way for success. Smart people make SMART goals.

- Inputs and Outputs - Learn how to put all of your budgeting principles into action. This is where the magic happens.


***Bonus Course***

In Running Credit Checks with no Shame you'll learn,

- How to build a great credit score - Learn how your FICO credit score is determined and what causes it to go up and down.

- How to avoid the credit pitfalls and traps - Learn some of the seemingly harmless places to avoid. These places seem like a quick fix, but looks can be deceiving.

- Plus don't miss 2 special podcasts, Payday Loans and Give me some Credit.


***Bonus Course***

In Cryptocurrency – How to Analyze an ICO , we’ll cover the following areas:

The Mission Statement



Hype Meter

Token Supply


Red Flags

Competitive Advantage

The investment duration(short-term/long-term/both)

Your thoughts as the analyst

An Initial Coin Offering, aka ICO, is cryptocurrency’s rough equivalent to an IPO in the mainstream investment world. Essentially an ICO has 2 main goals – to raise capital for the cryptocurrency company and to initially supply their cryptocurrency to the market to be used and or traded. The coins that go through this process are called Altcoins and there are currently over 1500 alt coins on the market today. Who knows how many new coins will be introduced to the market over the next 20 years?

This class is designed to take you from cryptocurrency enthusiast to cryptocurrency analyst.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Master 401(k) Fundamentals and become the envy of everyone at work
  2. Master Stock Market Fundamentals and know why a stock prices moves
  3. Master Mutual Fund Fundamentals and know the advantages and disadvantages
  4. Master Bond Fundamentals and know how they are used in your portfolio
  5. Understand how booms should be approached
  6. Understand the basics of building portfolios
  7. How to build a great credit score
  8. How to avoid the traps and pitfalls of credit
  9. Create an Emergency Fund
  10. Identify Needs vs. Wants and how to manage scarcity
  11. Create Financial SMART Goals
  12. How to put it all together and create a budget
  13. Understand how to analyze an altcoin ICO