2020VISION - New You Course

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Course Description

The “2020VISION: New You Course”

The “2020VISION: New You Course” is your go-to resource for living out your faith and having a fruitful and proactive life.

It includes a course, a workbook (the PDF version is included for free in the attached resources) and then a planner (available on Amazon) designed for busy Christians to plan their lives around God, His purpose and your own unique assignment.

Included with the course is the offer for us to come alongside you as your personal accountability coach as you navigate the choppy waters of life and assume your throne to reign in life victoriously! We will do this by giving you access to a community for inspiration, accountability, and evaluation as you move further into the journey of your life in this season.

The 2020VISION Course:

- It gives you an opportunity to reset your priorities.

- It gives you an opportunity to review your efforts and mission.

- It gives you another opportunity to rediscover, revisit and embrace your purpose.

- Help you to clarify your vision.

- It helps us to reestablish our steps.

- It can help you to take your focus away from the past as you begin to pursue a brand new future.

Get with the 2020VISION program and...

Unleash the Power of Clarity!

Accelerate Your Productivity!

Develop and clarify your goals with a simple Christian Goal Planning System.

Find Encouragement and Eliminate Self Doubt!

Learn to use proven “Christian Time Management Principles.”

Reduce stress by managing your time and tasks.

Journal Your Life in Creative and Fun Ways.

Launch into this New Decade with Purpose, Motivation, and Understanding.

2020VISION is delivered as a two-week challenge. Just two weeks to change your life... forever!

Live, Love and Lead with 2020VISION!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Life Planning
  2. Time Management
  3. Goal Tracking
  4. Priority Management
  5. Strength Finder
  6. Purpose Discovery
  7. Proactive Living
  8. Self Discovery/Appreciation
  9. Faith Based Living
  10. How to Plan Your Year