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Good relationships don’t just happen to you, you can create them. You can learn the skills to grow healthy, happy relationships, to resolve conflict and work toward shared goals as a family or team.

What you’ll learn:

Created by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, this course has 30 condensed lessons where you’ll learn practical, essential skills to bring back the love and joy to Your Relationship

But even more than that, you’ll learn how to lay the foundation of joy and love and connection through simple interactions that take minutes a day.

How the course is set up:

This course is practical, and easy to access. Every section has:

  1. A 10 Minute Video,

  2. A brief Workbook Activity, and then what I call

  3. “Homework”. Homework is all about taking a little action every day to strengthen and improve your relationships. It might be something like expressing appreciation or looking through some old memories.

Each exercise is designed to transform your relationship from painful to joyful. And they take less than 30 minutes a day!

You can improve your relationships from the comfort of your own home for less than the cost of one Therapy session.

  • Condensed skills designed for quick learning

  • Researched backed education

  • The Daily sessions take less than 30 minutes a day

  • Over 190,000 people Subscribe to Emma’s YouTube channel

  • 30 Day Money back guarantee

  • Bonus Sections on Identifying Abuse, setting healthy boundaries, additional resources, etc

Expected Outcomes

  1. Communication Skills to Improve Relationships
  2. Conflict Resolution Skills
  3. How to Restore the Love and Happiness in your Relationships
  4. How to Stop the Cycles of Anger and Blame
  5. How to Change How you Feel About People
  6. How to Speak their Love Language
  7. How to Create Emotional Safety.
  8. And Dozens more Skills to Foster and Repair Relationships