304 - Bible Translation: Has It Been Changed?

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Course Description

This is the fourth class in the Bible Myth or Fact Series. In this course we will be taking a deep look at how the Bible was translated and transmitted throughout time. Is the Bible the fanciest game of telephone or has it remained unchanged for thousands of years? This is an issue that many have questions about. How is it possible that the Bible could have remained the same over many years? Humanly, it seems impossible. If the Bible was written by mere humans it should have errors from the many years of copying and translating. If it does have errors then it can't be trusted as an authoritative writing. On the other hand if it was written by God through men then the Bible should have no errors despite the many translations and years of copying. In this class we will show you the physical evidence that the Bible has been translated correctly throughout the years. We will cover many issues including:

  • The accuracy of copying techniques
  • The number of manuscripts available
  • The oldest manuscripts available
  • How modern translations compare to the oldest manuscripts

These issues are critical to the accurate translation of the Bible. We invite you to examine this evidence with us. We hope that after this class you will be able to determine for yourself whether the Bible was translated accurately.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Understand the Difference Between Translation and Transmission
  2. Determine Whether the Bible was Translated Accurately
  3. Determine Whether the Bible was Transmitted Accurately