5 Challenges Achievers Face in Their Pursuit of Happiness

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Course Description

You are invited to an intimate discussion on the 5 resiliency challenges we all face in our pursuit of happiness and success with a heavy emphasis from an Achiever's perspective. This is not a typical training course. In addition to hearing the instructor's perspective, you will be watching and hearing perspectives from a group of individuals who participated in a series of recorded online classes. There is time built in for your own reflection and personal application.

Takeaways from Prior Students:

"I was more of an achiever than I thought and am proud of my growth."

"I need to focus on me."

"Accept yourself for who you are. Also, the best thing to do is say 'no (when it comes to boundaries)...does this benefit me? Will this make me happy?'"

"I liked the self-reflecting questions. It made me analyze situations similar to the examples given."

"I need to dedicate more time for myself or to reflect on myself."

What are the 5 Challenges that are covered?

  • Being Present
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Boundaries & Expectations
  • Balance
  • Celebration & Appreciation

What is important to most Achievers?

  • focused on their to do list
  • don't appreciate progress; the end is what matters
  • don't like to waste time
  • goal-oriented
  • getting stuff done; no work/life balance

Common views of the Achiever mindset:

  • I need to be doing something to be of value.
  • If I keep working hard, I will earn happiness.
  • I need to live up to others' expectation of me.
  • Everyone is counting on me.
  • Success is all that matters in life.
  • Achieving the goal is all that matters.

What will be discussed about the 5 Challenges?

  • What they are and are not
  • Why they are difficult/challenging to achieve
  • What people have experienced when focusing on them
  • Why they are important
  • A range of stories/beliefs/values that can be held about each
  • Other ways to think about each challenge
  • A range of stories/beliefs/values that can serve you about each
  • Many possibilities and opportunities to adjust your behavior and mindset to be more serving
  • What some consequences are if overlooked
  • What does this mean for your life

Expected Outcomes

  1. Explore common challenges of an Achiever and happiness mindset while going in-depth on all 5 of the challenges: Being Present, Self-Acceptance, Boundaries & Expectations, Balance, and Celebration & Appreciation
  2. Understand many ways/possibilities/opportunities to overcome the 5 challenges
  3. Reflect and apply learnings to your life
  4. Understand the stories/beliefs and the importance of the 5 challenges