5 Jedi Mind Hacks: A Step By Step Mind Training Course

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Course Description

You can look at this course as one deep, giant mind-hack.

This is a mind-hack made on a foundational level.

Because you’ll be able to affect changes at this foundational level, the little effort you put in creates exponential, massive results in your experience.

It’s akin to getting your template right and working effectively before mass producing it - you’ll quickly mass produce desirable results. Likewise, with a low quality template, you’ll quickly mass produce undesirable results.

Your mind is your template. How you perceive, the way in which you perceive, colors everything you experience, and affects your every decision and behavior.

The reality you experience now is your mass production. You’ve created it through the template of your mind, mass producing it over time, moment by moment.

This course is designed for you to get your “template,” ie. your mind, right and working effectively so you can mass produce your reality in the way you actually prefer.

In this course you’ll be focusing on the areas of your mind where the results are holographic. Meaning, you are affecting change within your mind on how you experience everything in the world and within yourself, from the only point where you have true, real power - that is your ABILITY TO CHOOSE PARADIGMS.

Yet, even though you’ve had many “AHA!” moments in the past, and you can see and understand new paradigms and insights, you may find you’re mostly still the same person, acting and behaving in the same way as before, with little results to show for, except for maybe the manifestation of a few parking spots here and there.

Why is that? Why can’t you just go from gaining the insight to then be able to embody it, live it, and experience its benefits?

It’s because you haven’t put in the time to deliberately integrate and make this new insight a habit, one that’s running constantly as the dominant program (or “template”).

You haven’t “practiced” enough in deliberately using your new insight and perceiving from your new point of view.

You haven’t built that muscle of CHOOSING your new paradigm, consistently, in all ways.

You’ve had decades of programming, running on repeat in your mind, that is ultimately not helpful for you, and tends to conflict with your new insights.

Most of the programming is self-sabotaging, in fact.

It’s like stepping on the gas pedal while also stepping on the brakes.

You know this is true if you’re not satisfied with the results in your life - in your relationships, your health, finances, your overall happiness and well-being.

With the momentum from decades of thinking and believing the same way, repeating it day after day (moment by moment, even), building physical, neurological pathway ruts in your brain, how likely are you to instantly stop and reverse that massive train of thoughts and beliefs?

Not likely, as I’m sure you’ve experienced.

This course is not only designed to help you gain new insights and wisdom (a better template), but, once you complete the course’s mind-training exercises, you’ll also have made habits of your new-found wisdom.

This course is made for you to build this muscle of choosing, from within your mind, the new insights you’ll be learning.

Once you’ve made them habits in your mind, once they become a consistently running pattern of beliefs and thoughts, once you’ve set your “template” right, you’ll experience profound effects in wherever you decide - be it in relationships, your health, money, your happiness and well-being, and overall experience of everything.

This Is What This Course Is Designed To Do:

This is a step-by-step mind training program where I hand-hold you through the process of integrating and habituating these insights. When you complete this course you'll have these new, empowering mental habits already running in you.

At the same time, though you’ll receive maximum long-term benefits if you complete the exercises, this course is designed for you to NOT have to wait a while, to struggle and suffer before building this muscle and getting to experience the benefits of your new insights.

The lessons and exercises are made so that you experience benefits NOW.

The intention is for both long-term AND immediate results.

"I already get a lot of good information and insights, but I JUST can't integrate them all. I'm STILL the same person!"

I know.

You've heard all the great wisdom and insights, yet you're still not changing, at least not changing as fast as you'd like.

This is because you rarely take the time to deliberately INTEGRATE and make HABIT of your new insight. Instead, these insights become mere intellectual stimulation, a nice fortune cooky saying that only affects you on a surface level, then forgotten about.

Musicians know in order to make a new insight or technique stick and a natural part of your playing you must APPLY and REPEAT it until it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit very little effort and attention is needed to perform that skill. Same goes for training your mind and making these insights a natural part of your being.

If you don't apply what you've learned you'll only understand your new insight on a shallow level, and you'll experience a minimum benefit. But if you apply and repeat it (aka "practice"), you'll understand it deeply, on an experiential level, and then you'll experience a profound level of benefits.

This course and the practice exercises are designed for you to apply these new insights right away so you can get immediate results. This helps you understand them through real experience. By finishing this course and going through the practice exercises you'll have these insights integrated and made habit. Your template will have been made right.

How Does This Training Work?

After each lesson you will be given exercises that will train you and your mind to integrate the new insight you've learned.

You'll focus on ONE lesson/insight at a time. It's more effective to deeply and thoroughly learn one thing well than it is to shallowly learn multiple things at the same time.

The exercises are designed for these insights to become HABITS of ways of being in and looking at the world.

An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.

Since you’ve been habituated into seeing the world in a certain, narrow way, practicing it and reacting to the world in the same way over and over again for years, it will take practice out of that thinking/reality. This is the purpose for you to do these exercises.

Transformation will occur instantly as well as over time.

“What if I don’t like this course, can I return it?”

Yes, I accept returns. If you feel you’ve received no benefit I’ll happily issue you a refund.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Step-by-step, hand-holding training of your brain to integrate your new insights instead of just having a lot of great insights but with no real results.
  2. Change your own perceptions for your benefit
  3. Feel good anytime, even when you can't at the moment
  4. Use the power of frame (aka paradigm) control to gain the experiences you want
  5. Train your brain to eradicate negativity
  6. Actually be able to integrate and use these new insights, instead of becoming just another piece of intellectual candy
  7. Build your muscle in using your new insights consistently (this is why this is a TRAINING course)
  8. Have lasting happiness and peace of mind in a changing world (and body)
  9. Ground your reality in the ONLY thing that is constant (aka the ULTIMATE perception)
  10. Create a deep, identity level change
  11. Deeply understand what REAL emotional intelligence is and begin building it (this has to do with being SUPER HONEST with yourself)
  12. Grow an unshakable core of calm, strength, and happiness
  13. Accomplish goals with ease, flow, and fun, and without efforting and struggle
  14. Leverage the power of your mind by changing paradigms
  15. Create preferred experiences for yourself, moment by moment
  16. Have peace with your grief
  17. Energize yourself
  18. Transform your psyche on the deepest levels
  19. Create your art, your business, and your relationships with integrity, ease and flow
  20. Change your mind for good (once you complete the course and exercises)
  21. Unlock new parts of yourself you never knew existed
  22. Be able to use Jedi-like skills
  23. Finally get to be YOU, the bad-ass that you are!
  24. Experience "Aha!" moments
  25. Have your mind blown