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5G is Here!

As network operators and vendors are working round-the-clock to develop and build 5G networks it is necessary for (us) Network Engineers to understand the 5G network architecture(s), concepts and practical deployment considerations. I have curated this course by carefully analyzing and researching each topic and the current industry-trends to give you all the necessary resources/tools/pointers to successfully build and operate 5G networks.

5G is quite different from 4G and it is necessary to understand the underlying 5G cloud-native technologies to fully embrace and understand 5G. This course is for all levels of expertise. It starts from the basics by introducing the motivation for 5G, enabling technologies including cloud-native principles and then builds on top of these concepts as we explore the 5G Core concepts in depth.

4G is going to around for quite a while and both 4G and 5G networks will need to co-exist for many years. This course covers practical deployment considerations for such 4G/5G co-existence scenarios as well.

This is by-far the most comprehensive course on 5G Core networks on Udemy since all concepts are covered in-depth. 

I have included easy to follow diagrams in the slides, along with references to 3GPP documents where appropriate.

Below are the topics covered in this course –

  • Introduction – Why and How ?

  • 5G Timeline

  • 5GC Deployment Architectures – SA and NSA

  • 5G Core Architecture – Enabling Technologies

  • 5G Core Architecture – SBA and Point-to-Point

  • 5G Core elements

    • AMF – Access and Mobility Function

    • SMF – Session Management Function

    • UPF – User Plane Function

      • QoS in 5G

    • NRF – Network Repository Function

    • UDM – Unified Data Management Function

    • AUSF, EIR

    • PCF – Policy Control Function

    • NSSF – Network Slicing Selection Function

      • Network Slicing

  • Identifiers in 5G Core

  • Security in 5GC

  • Interworking with 4G EPC

  • Network Functions and Services

  • Call Flows

Happy learning!

Expected Outcomes

  1. 5G
  2. 3GPP
  3. Interworking between 4G and 5G
  4. Cloud Native Technologies
  5. 5G Call Flows