A Deeper insight to Quantum Energy Healing Techniques part 2

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Course Description

MORE Awesome techniques to add to your repertoire to give you greater possibilities for self awareness and healing. From Arram's 22 years experiences he has designed it to make you want to probe more within yourself to KNOW THY SELF BETTER. You are given more tools, explanations, different points of views of the same topic so that you can live the life you choose and not being tied down to the consensus of the majority. In short THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Be a leader, not a follower. Design the life of your choice.

Arram founded "Arram Kong Healing Academy". This course is aimed at those who desire to live a Stressless and Emotional FREE existence . You will find these techniques simple to follow. For the seasoned therapist, there are techniques in the course you have never come across before and will be useful as additional tools for your practice.

This powerful course is designed to allow you to have a stress free, joyous, peaceful and abundant life. It allows you a greater understanding to what the purpose of life is. These simple powerful techniques created by Arram are to serve you in every area of your life.

Arram's easy to learn modules include:

  • How to think differently and access information from your Higher Self

  • What to do when you get triggered

  • Challenges of Relationships

  • Why Manifestations seldom works.

  • Learning to live in the present MOMENT.

  • The past and future are illusions

  • How to systemically resolve all past traumas that have been holding us prisoners

  • Nobody can upset you except you.

  • What dreams , soul contracts means

  • Every word carries frequencies and you are taught to catch yourself and change into a positive word

  • All videos are live session, you get to see how Arram work.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Deeper understanding on what an ENERGY BEING IS in having the HUMAN Experiences
  2. More explanations on Parallel Realities on How we are shifting from moment to moment.
  3. Moment to Moment we are energetically reborn perfect
  4. Why Manifestation seldom works.
  5. What DREAMS and Soul Contracts means
  6. At every moment you are at your BEST
  7. How to get Answers from our Higher Selves
  8. How to expand your consciousness , and think out of the BOX
  9. What to do when you get triggered.
  10. Plus much much more +++++++++