A Framework to achieve Meaningful Success

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Course Description

The demands that we all face each day can often feel overwhelming. We sometime swept away by these demands of life & work.

But there are simple practices behaviour science has discovered that can help people find greater clarity, lower stress, and develop the unshakeable ability to remain centred through life’s toughest challenges.

This coaching program has been designed to help you find or reconnect with a sense of meaning and purpose in all aspect of life. The training also provides personal resilience by teaching a set of skills for overcoming psychological obstacles (fear/anxiety/stress).

What will I learn?

  • By 30 minutes you’ll learn a skill to live in the present moment and enjoy your life in the NOW.
  • By 60 minutes you’ll have identified what matters to you and what your desired life looks like.
  • By 90 minutes you’ll have learned skills to overcome your mental barriers.
  • By 120 minutes you’ll have a 3, 6, 12 month actionable plan to create meaningful success.

The program is based on Contextual Behavioural Science and has been scientifically proven to help people achieve their desired lives.

The key benefits (not limited):

  • Reduce stress and worry.
  • Rise above doubt and insecurity, and build genuine confidence.
  • Handle painful thoughts and feelings effectively.
  • Break self-defeating habits and develop self-acceptance.
  • Improve performance and find fulfilment in your work.
  • Build deeper, more satisfying relationships.
  • Make a plan to move forward with energy and meaning.
  • Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

The feedback on the program (from live workshop):

Practical, pragmatic and fun. A little challenging at times - good conditions for growth. MP has deep knowledge and a big heart which really shines through in his teaching. - Jon from Melbourne, Australia
I think the 4 sessions worked well, not too many and yet enough to cover the content well. I liked your manner and approach-ability. The hand outs were good and also the use of video/audio were all useful too.Also checking in outside of the sessions has been valuable for me and increases my taking action to succeed or at least keep at it! Thanks heaps MP and good luck!! - Melanie from Melbourne, Australia
Gaining awareness of my goals and the conflict between my career & family has been immense value to me. Tips on how to score one goal against another, and what steps I need to take to reach those goals has been really useful. You provided an example in all situations where we were confused, which was great. I also found the overall structure and understanding of why we were there and what we were trying to achieve was clear and beneficial. -Mark from London, UK

Expected Outcomes

  1. Create a 3, 6, 12 month actionable plan to achieve meaningful success.
  2. Learn about Mindfulness and live in the present moment.
  3. Break self-defeating habits and develop self-acceptance.
  4. Learn self-awareness (values) and emotional intelligence.