A Gentle Introduction To Advanced Excel Techniques and VBA

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Course Description

You may or may not know of the importance of Excel and the dependency businesses have on its use every single day. There is a HUGE need for advanced Excel users in the marketplace. I hope to transform you from being an ordinary user into your company's leading Excel expert and eventually master the ability to automate tasks with macros and the use of VBA programming . My hope is to provide you with a very straightforward course which will allow you to use some of the most advanced Excel techniques.

VBA is a very useful skill to have and is used in almost all organizations. Knowing VBA can help you work considerably faster. Think of VBA as an extension of Excel skills. If improving your Excel abilities would be beneficial, then you should absolutely consider learning VBA.

Here's how I will help you to succeed:

o Each lecture starts with a list of objectives/speaking notes

o Every example covered in the lecture is available for download in the resources section … including the objectives/speaking notes

o Almost every lecture has a set of Practice problems with full solutions provided

o My style of writing and teaching follows the KISS principle : Keep It Super Simple. I try to stay away from fancy computer terminology and try to teach like am speaking to a brand new user with little to no previous knowledge on the subject matter.... and I am always available for help … replying most times within a day.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Review some Excel basics to get you up to speed
  2. Analyze spreadsheet data using goal seek and solver
  3. Implement pivot tables to analyze complex data in a variety of ways
  4. Use advanced Excel commands which incorporate conditional statements
  5. Implement look up tables using the vlookup and index commands
  6. Create simple macros to automate specific procedures
  7. Create user defined functions
  8. Create simple VBA (Visual Basic Applications) incorporating string and numeric variables
  9. Create simple applications which incorporate combo boxes, dialog boxes and other UI interface controls
  10. Create simple applications which check user input using the concepts of Selection (IF) and Repetition(DO...LOOP)
  11. Create Menu driven workbooks
  12. Implement user friendly input techniques by creating custom user forms
  13. Create a fully functioning Budget Application to track household or business expenses