A-Z ICO Investing Course:Token Metrics &Strategies to PROFIT

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Course Description

Because you completed these lectures, you now have extra advantage compared to everyone in crypto who has no idea what they're doing but they still make money. Imagine what you can do if you know exactly what you're doing. The purpose of this lecture is to provide you with that knowledge to start ahead of everyone else who jump into investments.

This course consists of information that will help you understand:

  • What an ICO is.

  • The terms that are used in ICO investments.

  • The reason behind why some ICOs make more profit than others.

  • What kind of strategies you can use in your investment.

  • When to sell your investments depending on your personality. (Risk averse or risk taker)

  • Create your own strategy as to when to sell your ICO investment.

  • How to avoid scammers!

  • Research and understand the future of your investment.

Summary: How to invest and carry out your own fundamental analysis on an ICO or an existing altcoin project.

  • Research:

    • How to research the team and do your own due diligence before investing.

    • Venture Capitalists (VC's) and how following their investments can add context to your research.

    • Community/Demand/Hype Measurement & How ICO's manipulate hype.

    • How to calculate marketcaps and see if 10x or 100x is possible with your ICO!

    • Masternodes, staking, dividend (Passive Income)

    • How to use ICODrops as research material.

    • Token metric analysis. Why token metrics are one way to measure how good an ICO will perform.

    • Roadmaps to catch price spikes for trading!

    • Idea, whitepaper and questions to ask when researching!

    • How to analyse the GitHub of an ICO without knowing how to code!

    • How to avoid scammers and red flags to look out for.

  • Summary of all the tips and the questions to ask each ICO project before investing.

  • This course is full of resources and you will find here everything you need before investing in an ICO.

  • You're just a click away from learning how to become an intelligent investor.

  • This is not just a course, you will have access to an experienced ICO investor who you can ask questions. I am always here to answer questions. :)

  • Strategies section: you will find your own strategy and know when to sell.

  • Research section: all the information you need to look for before investing. Questions to answer and a draft made easy for you to follow and do your own research.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Become a professional at ICO research and analysis.
  2. Become a professional ICO Investor.
  3. Do your own research.
  4. Apply the research methods to existing coins as well - not just ICO's.
  5. Become an objective investor by considering all the factors presented.
  6. Stop being a slave to the alarm clock.