Abundance Wealth Download Activation Manifestation

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Course Description

Wealth or Poverty? It’s All in Your Cells

Are you one of the many who struggle with finances, never having enough money? Science reveals that your cells can be addicted to being poor or wealthy! Do you think the odds are stacked against you for prosperity and abundance ?

If you answered yes, then you just identified your BIGGEST obstacle to being more prosperous. If you want to have more abundance in your life, your “cells” need to change the messages they are giving you and the messages you are feeding them!

Oprah was one of those people where the odds were stacked against her. She was born a black female, raised in a poor family in Mississippi, but it didn’t affect the prosperous life she created.

Analysing Your Cells Explains Your Predicament

An in-depth exploration of your thoughts will reveal the true reasons you are lacking in wealth. After all, everything begins with a thought, and that thought will manifest into action when you consistently hold onto it.

If you break your addiction to scarcity, and create an addiction to abundance and success, you can have all the prosperity you want. There is scientific research that explains the reasons why you have struggled to have more prosperity and how to change it.

Shift Your Energetic Signals for Abundance and Wealth Creation

The Abundance Download/Activation accesses the DNA of your cells to reprogram you for wealth and abundance. It shifts your energy signals of poverty to wealth and abundance.

This online video course will give you proven universal laws, energetic connections, scientific techniques and practical steps to become more prosperous and abundant in your life.

You will also receive and experience...

  • The powerful Forensic Healing ‘Abundance Healing Download‘ which is equivalent to having a new prosperity/abundance software program downloaded in your consciousness for you to become more financially free and successful. The feedback after receiving this fast track process has been nothing short of miraculous.

  • Instruction - some important abundance principles

  • You will receive a healing, visualisation and mediation experience (with embedded subliminal wealth messages) to create the life you desire so that you can live in your full potential and reclaim your birthright to be free and happy.

    "After 12 months of nothing…it is now ALL happening! I started the abundance download about 2 weeks ago. We have had our house on the market for 12 months, and needed it to sell before we could start building our new house. We rented the house and later that day had our first offer on it. My mortgage broker said we had to get the house building cost reduced by only $7000 to be able to start building, and our builder worked out a way to make that happen! It is very exciting and I am very grateful for the abundance download!" Leah Lloyd Yass, Australia

    "My husband and I have watched or listened to the abundance healing download every day for the last two weeks. We have NEVER won Tattslotto before but in the last four weeks we have won Tattslotto four six times! Incredible. I love you guys! Andrea xx" Andrea Simm, Seaford, Australia

    Content: 5 Online Videos

    1. Introduction to the course with scientific steps and techniques to advance your manifestation abilities 11.42 mins
    2. Introduction to the Abundance Download/Activation covering the explanations of the healing and activation words used. 2.26 mins
    3. Abundance Download/Activation using Forensic Healing words of power and healing statements. 10.39 mins
    4. Abundance Meditation with Subliminal Messages 11:31 mins
    5. Abundance Webinar covering steps, case studies and information to advance your level of abundance strategies. 51.10 mins

    Disclaimer: Results vary with each individual and is recommended that the program be used regularly.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Gain resources, energetic activations, downloads and meditations with subliminals to energetically shift abundance/wealth levels
  2. Learn key techniques and methods to shift personal abundance manifestations and attractions