Accelerated BIM Modeling with Revit 2020 Ducting and Dynamo

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Course Description

This course it’s part of a new series of developments towards bringing Dynamo as main platform tool on BIM processes for any type of project, its designed to help you solve modeling of ducting installations using Dynamo.

Modeling MEP its often a long and detailed work and most of the times its architecture and structure dependant so if anything changes mostly MEP modeling will as well, and a lot of rules are driven by analysis, requirements and formulas that can be programmed into dynamo.

This course would integrate MEP modeling with Dynamo Programming so patterns can be created and tools for dynamo player may enhace creation and modeling faster and easy to change.

We will start with a crash course of MEP modeling for Ducting Instalations, a basic overview of Dynamo Logic and from then review some basic ducting instalations and their creation patterns so that autorouting can be created and changes can be easily modified.

We will study ways to create elements integrated together and connect further to set construction possibilities.

We will explore custom nodes for specific aproaches so that your own toolkit can be created, tools for Revit Modeling, Tools for Dynamo Programming and Mixed Tools for MEP Instalations, and it will set the basics for MEP Generative Design.

Dynamo its been used all over the world for speeding up Revit Models, Enabling impossible modeling, Project Management, QTOS and Documents, and to set around workflows between different types.

Unravel your full potential for Modeling and Programming and enjoy at any time the freedom of posibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.

Take advantage of posting questions, and join on all channels to be uptodate for all the amazing posibilities that in any time can transform your way of working, to change it forever

Expected Outcomes

  1. Create MEP System types for Ducting and Set Routing Solutions
  2. Modify correct or create MEP elements to Models.
  3. How to review that information assets comply with the values set.
  4. Create Dynamo Structures for Autorouting Solutions and Change
  5. Extract or Set Elements to solve the Instalation Creation