Accredited Aromatherapy Diploma 1 - Aromatherapy for All

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Course Description

This accredited course is designed to introduce you to Aromatherapy and the wonderful, magical healing properties of plants, flowers, trees, and seeds. This is course 1 and there are 3 more levels should you wish to grow your knowledge and skills.

Aromatherapy is thousands of years old and is our original mediciine, it is said that for every illness that exists that there is a cure to be found in the plant kingdom.

Learn the science of Aromatherapy and how using essential oils can support you physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Essential oils lift our vibrational frequency by a process called "entrainment", they are magical !

The course covers a very thorough working knowledge of aromatherapy techniques using the 2 main methods of use - topical application and inhalation.

You will learn everything you need to know to practise aromatherapy on your friends, family and yourself.

You will be guided through every step of the course and there are live demos of the 4 aromatherapy massage techniques that you will learn and also live demos of how to make beautiful organic aromatherapy products for the home.

Aromatherapy plant knowledge and which parts of a plant relate to which parts of the body, it's fascinating

Enjoy the wonderful world of essential oils.

kindest wishes


Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be able to work with essential oils and aromatherapy techniques with friends and family
  2. You will have an indepth knowledge of the history of aromatherapy
  3. You will be able to mix and dilute essential oils to make magical homemade recipes
  4. You will learn 4 different aromatherapy massage techniques that you can use on friends and family
  5. You will be shown how to create wonderful organic aromatherapy home products
  6. You will learn 8 different aromatherapy diffusing techniques with 18 free recipes