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A series of 12 interactive videos featuring Dr. Raymond Connors, a well-known Australian international IELTS and Business English instructor to Universities and Colleges.

In this course you will learn how to structure essays that exceed the expectations of IELTS examiners, as I have proven many times with huge numbers of  students who used my methods and scored above their expectations.

Learn how to structure essays for both parts 1 and 2 of the writing test that will have the examiner wanting to read your essays, instead of the dreary ones he/she receives every day.

Master the strategies that get the good scores, including the little known strategies for scoring well in the difficult part 2 essay section, with procedures that most students don’t know, and neither do most instructors.

If you want an advantage in IELTS writing, this is the course to consider, as it is delivered by an expert who has proven his strategies many times over, and boasts students who have not only done well in IELTS, but have already migrated to English speaking countries of their choice, and are emp;loyed in amazing jobs- All because they took this author’s courses in IELTS.

Expected Outcomes

  1. After this course you should be able to take the IELTS writing exam (Academic) and score very well. You will learn in this course the format required in the IELTS exam, including listening pre-selections, reading for gist, reading by scanning, predicting listening vocabulary, and writing procedures. The lessons follow a systematic procedure that simulates the actual IELTS Exam, but at a lower level than you will be expected to undertake in the actual IELTS courses I have on offer. This means, once you have enhanced your vocabulary, and understand the way the exam works, you will be ready to take on the courses to prepare for IELTS and do well with them.