Acrylic Painting for 100% Beginners: "Golden Girls" Course

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Course Description

In this course, you will be expertly guided by a trained artist, to complete your very own "Golden Girls" acrylic painting, from start to finish.

Within the course, you will be provided with convenient and thoughtful support, including:

1. a printable drawn image template, with video instruction for application

2. a printable Professional Tips informational document

3. help finding your materials, including video descriptions and links

4. extensive description, explanation and technique demonstration within the course

5. videos broken down to digestible and efficient steps, with natural dry time breaks

6. professional lighting and audio, for ease of learning

7. access to a Beginner Painter Support Group

8. access to other helpful beginner painter resources, like digital kits and articles

This "Golden Girls" course is routinely taught to in-person students at my studio, and has been successfully proven to be a crowd pleasing 100% beginner's course.

You will learn about:

1. basic acrylic paint use

2. basic brush use

3. wet-on-wet painting

4. paint marbling

5. thinning paint

6.detail work and tree limb painting

7. painting daisy flowers and leaves

8. painting bird shapes

9. signing and hanging your artwork

10. professional set up and clean up tips

The main supply list includes:

  • 11”x14” Canvas

  • 1” Large Flat Brush

  • #4 Detail Round Brush

  • Mars Black Acrylic Paint (~1 TBSP)

  • Titanium White Acrylic Paint (~2 TBSP)

  • Chrome Yellow Acrylic Paint (~1 TBSP)

  • Raw Sienna Acrylic Paint (~1 TBSP)

  • Burnt Sienna Acrylic Paint (~1/2 TBSP)

  • Green Oxide Acrylic Paint (~1/2 TBSP)

    (* TBSP = Tablespoon)

At the end of this course, you will know how to use a painting template in three different ways, you will have a more clear idea of what to look for when shopping for quality art materials, you will gain experience setting up your area and preparing yourself for painting just like a professional artist, and of course you will have personally completed an entire one-of-a-kind "Golden Girls" painting, which would be ready for hanging or gifting.

The main purpose of this course is to provide a solid and straight forward intro into acrylic painting for beginners. This course also promotes positive art experiences, allows for creative healing and art therapy sessions, and offers rich artistic opportunities to those who would prefer to learn at home.

As an instructor, I am involved and interested in the experiences of all my students. I look forward to spending quality time with you in the course, and being in contact about your artistic journey.

If you are feeling nervous about taking a painting course, I understand your worries, and will leave you with the knowledge that it's an extremely common feeling. Students have shared many stories about having a fear of failing. I have yet to see anyone who has tried out a course, to be disappointed in their journey. In fact, it's been those students that had the most fear in the beginning, who then became highly passionate painters.

All the best to you, and I hope to see you in the course :)

Expected Outcomes

  1. Complete a DIY acrylic painting from scratch, that can be displayed or given as a gift.
  2. Learn to construct and use a template to create an outline for a painting.
  3. Learn how to utilize a wet-on-wet painting technique to easily create a smooth painting image.
  4. Learn how to paint a drop daisy flower.
  5. Learn tips on how to paint detail lines and shapes with precision.
  6. Determine WHEN and HOW to use specific brushstrokes to create an efficient and visually appealing painting.
  7. Learn how to mix and apply the specific colors and types of acrylic paints used in this course.
  8. Gain new skills using brushes, moving and applying paint, choosing and mixing color, and creating detail work.