Acrylic Painting: Make Your Paintings Pop! +FREE book + cert

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Course Description

This course also includes a FREE pdf copy of Make Your Paintings Pop! which includes money-saving advice on supplies, paint mixing, and 4 NEW step-by-step painting projects with full color photos. This course also includes a certificate of achievement.

Let's paint together, learning the secrets of painting dynamic light and shadow, and how to match colors to make your paintings pop. Paint along with me (or watch) as I explain every step through three fun projects. I will also show you how to make interesting textured canvas out of plain cardboard, and also how to save a lot of money on art supplies.

Teaching style

Unscripted and hands-on, my style of teaching is a "real world" classroom format where I take you through the whole artistic process: sketching, painting, and even making mistakes, while I narrate my stream of consciousness thoughts in between teaching various useful skills as we paint.

Supplies you will need

Have a basic variety of paint colors on hand, some canvas or canvas paper, or cardboard. It is also helpful to have a large cup of water for cleaning your brushes, but mostly for keeping them moist. Paper towels are also useful. As for brushes: a 1" flat and 1/2" flat will do. But if you have some round versions of those sizes, I believe that they will come in handy, too.

I am always trying to include more in my courses, as well as creating content in a variety of painting styles. Black and white painting is what I am also going to get more into, so if you have ever wanted to challenge yourself more, I will have Intermediate level classes coming soon.

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will be able to paint with more confidence, and be able to create more exciting and professional looking paintings.
  2. At the end of my course you will also have created 2 beautiful works of art that you be proud to display.