Acrylic Pouring Quick Start

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Course Description

You dream of creating show-stopping acrylic pouring art. You know you have artistic talents, even if they’re hiding.

You’re creative. You have passion. And you long to share it with the world.

Maybe you’re not even that good at drawing. But you know acrylic pouring artwork speaks to you. In your heart, it just feels right.

So why are you getting it so wrong?

Don’t worry, I’m Kristina Tonev – acrylic pouring artist and instructor.

And I’m here to guide you to unbelievable success.

  • If you’re stuck with muddy pours and cracking

  • Completely fed up of wasting time, money and art supplies

  • Frustrated you can’t create those beautiful acrylic pouring cells

  • And secretly desperate to make money from the art you love…

I understand! Because I used to be the same.

Hi, I’m Kristina – award-winning acrylic pouring artist.

Do you want to know something amazing?

You can find my acrylic pouring artwork exhibited in galleries around the globe. Everywhere from the UK to New York. And France, Rome, Shanghai…

I create acrylic pouring art that galleries crave to have on their walls. Art that is one of a kind and can never be replicated. Art that buyers appreciate and are excited to invest their money in.

Can you imagine?

But I’m not telling you this to show off. I’m sharing it to show you it’s possible for you too.

I’m here to teach you exactly how to acrylic pour – and then give you a good start in making a real living from your art.

Because teaching artists just like you is my passion. (And yes, you are an artist!)

I want to help you believe, create and be yourself through art.

Do you want to know something surprising?

You don’t need to mess around with hundreds of different acrylic pouring techniques, waste any more hours on YouTube or throw away even more precious supplies.

You just need one simple acrylic pouring technique – flip cup.

Flip cup acrylic pouring is the exact technique I use to create my show-stopping masterpieces. The ones that hang in prestigious art galleries around the globe!

And I’m ready to share it with you; because I know you deserve to paint your own success.

So if you want:

  • My simple checklist so you can quickly master flip cup

  • My exact method to ensure beautiful acrylic pouring results – with cells and laces!

  • E-book with Colour Combinations so you can start creating meaningful art

  • E-book with over 100 Embellishment Ideas for you to stand out

  • E-book with 5 simple steps how to start selling your art

  • And the answers to all your stresses with:

    * Which acrylic pouring materials you really need

* Perfecting your paint consistency

* Ending frustrating cracks and muddy pours

* Cleaning silicone oil and varnishing

Then stop wasting paint and materials and grab your spot in this course now!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Flip Cup Quick Start
  2. 4Tilt Cell Method to get huge cells
  3. Getting the right consistency
  4. How to enhance your pours to stand out
  5. 5 simple steps to start selling your art