Actuaries: A Career Guidance Course

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Course Description

Considered the number one job in the US for the past 2 years (in terms of salary) and with an expected job increase in the next 10 years, who wouldn't want to be an actuary?

Excellence in math, good leadership skills, and passing qualifying exams and just some of the things to consider before applying as an actuary. This course will assist and prepare the person seeking employment as an actuary by defining and giving an overview of what actuary is, give an idea of the workload and environment the candidate will be working in, including the kind of qualifying exams they should take.

Also included in this course are generally some assistance in preparing resumes and application forms, what to expect in interviews, and evaluating the job offer.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn about the definition, work environment, and employment as an actuary.
  2. Learn about the pay and earnings, job outlook and similar occupations of an actuary.
  3. Know the reasons to being an actuary.
  4. Learn the typical work activities and career development as an actuary.
  5. Know the top ways to get hired.
  6. Preparing and applying for the job.
  7. Learning how to evaluate a job offer.