Adobe Premiere 2020 Introduction: Video editing course

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  • Study type: Online
  • Starts: Anytime
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Course Description

  • Get taught the same techniques and methods I teach to the BBC, Sky, Discovery, Google and more.

  • Completely recorded in Premiere CC 2020.

  • Work with professionally shot footage and my supplied motion graphics templates.

  • I provide a list of shortcuts at the end of every relevant video.

  • Learn how to setup a widescreen, square and portrait video in minutes.

  • Cut an interview with music and broll.

  • Mixing and fixing your audio and setting sound levels to the industry standard.

  • Adding and editing transitions and effects.

  • Adding graphic titles with shapes and text.

  • We take a full look at colour correction.

  • Exporting to multiple formats to get the size and quality just right.

  • Learn professional workflows so you don't waste hours of your time.

  • Course is recorded in 4K and rendered to 1080P. If your internet connection is fast enough choose the Auto quality for 1080P.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Everything an absolute beginner needs to create a polished and professional video
  2. The video editing workflow
  3. Importing and organising all your files
  4. Setup your an edit for widescreen, square or portrait videos
  5. Learn to navigate your videos properly with the keyboard
  6. You will be able to use the best 3 point cutting techniques the professionals use
  7. You will cut a documentary style interview with broll and music
  8. Learn the crucial workflows to save time and frustration
  9. Become an audio professional, mixing, cleaning and setting levels quickly
  10. Add effects like stabilization, green screen and more
  11. Learn how to quickly add any transition to your video or audio
  12. Become an expert with graphics (titles)
  13. Add captions quickly and easily
  14. Learn to do amazing creative and repairing colour corrections
  15. Export the files you need for modern video platforms