Advanced Python: Python packaging. Pip install your scripts!

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Course Description

By the end of this course you will be able to publish a python package that is robust and deployable, so that anyone can pip install your code. You will learn how to call these packages with any bash command that you choose. You will learn enough to bridge the gap between the quality of code that comes out of a beginner course and the quality of code that can be seen in industry.

As far as prerequisites go, this course is not for beginners. This is for strong python developers that are looking to take their skills to a highly advanced level. You should have a solid foundation in python and have worked on at least a few python projects of your own. You should have a proficient knowledge in the command line. You should have access to a terminal, either through a mac or a linux system (or bash on windows, not recommended). You should have proficient knowledge in git.

This course is specifically geared to college graduates, advanced developers who have just learned python and want to make their code ready for industry, and for python developers who want to learn how to install their packages.

These skills are highly useful and will no doubt impress any employer. This is widely regarded as the one of the hardest topics in python, if not the hardest, so if you can do this you will be among a select few.

I hope to see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Highly advanced python developers looking to reach Python mastery

Course content

1 section • 8 lectures • 1h 15m total length

  • Introduction
  • How to write a readable python script
  • How to use python with folders
  • How to make a python package
  • tips and tricks!
  • How to make a
  • Pip install your script!
  • Congrats!


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I am a self taught python developer. I feel like there is a big knowledge gap between what good python code is that you might see from a college graduate, or a developer who took a boot camp, from great python code that you might see in industry. I feel as if I have a solid understanding of the python language that I'm hoping to pass onto others through my courses. I hope to bring your python levels from intermediate/advanced to mastery through my classes as I go over the most highly advanced python topics.

Expected Outcomes