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Air insulated
substations are the most common type of substation that you will find on the
electrical network, due to their cost effectiveness and simplicity.

This course will
give you an appreciation of how to design this type of substation and introduce you to all of the equipment’s that you will find in a typical air insulated substation 

Expected Outcomes

  1. Know what an air insulated substation is
  2. Understand how to layout a substation
  3. Understand how to apply electrical clearances inside a substation
  4. Understand the different types of busbar conductor
  5. Know the difference between dead tank & live tank circuit breakers
  6. Understand the different substation configurations that we use.
  7. Know what creepage distance is
  8. Know what the basic insulation level ( BIL ) is
  9. Know what the switching impulse level ( SIL ) is
  10. Understand what the electrical clearances are and how to apply them
  11. Learn about the different types of clamps that we use in air insulated substations
  12. know what metalclad switchgear is and how it is designed.
  13. Learn how to apply maintenance grounding on a typical bay
  14. Learn about log out tag out procedures
  15. Know the difference between the various isolator types
  16. Know the difference between incomers, bus sections & feeders
  17. Learn about ground switches
  18. Know what the circuit breaker contact restriking voltage is
  19. Learn about the different insulating mediums we use in circuit breakers
  20. Know the difference between switching stations and substations
  21. Know the differences between the generation, distribution & transmission systems
  22. Know what a vacuum contact is