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This course is for Airbnb hosts or managers who have multiple listings and need to save time on repetitive tasks. Everything inside this course comes from my own experience: I’m a part-time real-estate investor and I rent my properties on Airbnb. However, the more properties I was buying, the more time I was dedicating to hosting. And since this is not my main business activity, I put everything in place to automate and optimize it to the maximum. As of today, I arrived at a point where almost everything works in the background. Here are some of the tasks I automated:

  • Bookkeeping inside Google Sheets. Everything is filled and calculated automatically.

  • Cleaning crew dates notifications. They receive the next check-out dates automatically by text message.

  • Messaging with guests: 90% of it is automated, the rest is optimized so they don’t need to ask me questions.

  • Self check-in: guests always arrive and depart by themselves, I never need to go myself.

  • Between the bookings: my cleaning crew is efficient and takes care of everything. Refills are optimized.

  • Better ratings. Thanks to a few tricks, my ratings are going up automatically.

And although in this course I will show you how to get your Airbnb booking data inside Google Sheets, you will also be able to do get it inside Xero and Quickbooks if you prefer to use that. This is not covered in this course but once you understand how it works with Google Sheets you will be able to easily reproduce the same system with QuickBooks and Xero. For everything else, I’m still working on the remaining manual tasks and I’ll be updating the course when I come up with automated solutions. But for now, this can already help you free out a lot of time. Just please understand the following before taking the course:

  • I will be using paid services here, you can’t make these things work for free.

  • Some parts are very technical but totally doable. There is no coding involved.

  • There might be glitches. You’ll need to look for solutions and I’ll try to help where I can.

So, as an Airbnb host, if you feel concerned by the problems I’m mentioning here, don’t hesitate to take this course!

Expected Outcomes

  1. Scale your Airbnb business
  2. Automate most of the repetitive tasks
  3. Automate 90% of communication
  4. Automate bookkeeping
  5. Optimize preparation between bookings
  6. Automate pricing