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No matter your background or origin, these lessons will help you to express yourself more like a Deaf person who signs naturally and fluently. To this end, this course will teach about Facial Expression, Use of Space, Hand Shapes, Deaf Grammars, Poetic Signs and of course, Deaf culture! Watch at your own pace and enjoy like you would a latte in a coffee shop. I’m available to chat- just message!

Please note: This is an introduction to every visual sign language on a global scale. It is not sign language specific.

Important: Check the content and understand-ability of the course immediately upon purchase as there is only a one month window for refund due to dissatisfaction. Thank you.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Practice: Sign Quiz
  2. Basics of ASL
  3. The Principles of ASL
  4. Deaf Sentence Structure Concepts & Deaf Grammar
  5. ASL Collocation
  6. ASL Dictionary with Real Examples
  7. ASL Thesaurus
  8. Improve Interpreting Skills
  9. ASL Classifiers
  10. Deaf Manner and Culture
  11. Indian Sign Language (ISL)