American Sign Language Certificate Levels 1, 2 and 3

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Course Description

American Sign Language

American Sign Language is one of the most used visual languages among deaf communities across the world. As the number 1 sign language in North America and the number 3 sign language across the world, there are truly millions of people that use ASL to communicate. Whether these people are hard of hearing, have friends and family who are deaf, or learn it for other reasons, it’s clear that ASL is an essential form of communication. Learning American Sign Language can offer you a wealth of different benefits, and it is a valuable addition to any CV. Employers increasingly look for workers with such skills, and it is necessary in some industries, such as the scuba diving industry. Take a look at some of the exciting things you will learn in this course:

You Will Learn:

  • The origin of American Sign Language and how it was developed, as well as the differences between ASL and other forms of sign language
  • The basics of American Sign Language, including the entire sign language alphabet and other useful word and phrase signs
  • About one of the most widely used forms of communication in America and across the world among the hard of hearing
  • Emergency signs and how to react to a serious situation by using American Sign Language
  • About a wide variety of career options and applications that American Sign Language can be used in

Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Set yourself apart in the workforce by learning a valuable and interesting skill
  • Become well-versed in the most useful elements of American Sign Language
  • Have access to a wealth of information and lessons about ASL
  • Boost your brain’s ability to synthesize information and process both visual and spoken forms of language
  • Continue your education and gain a skill that is useful in a number of different work and personal settings