The Best Course to get you a Great Job

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Course Description

Many people who are looking for their next job do not know how to present themselves to best effect nor how to find the best openings. This course takes you through 11 essential steps which will address all the key issues you need to secure a great new job.

It includes - How to set yourself objectives. Identifying your transferable skills. What is a TMAY and when to use it? How to prepare a CV (or resume) which gets you interviews. How to use face to face and internet networking. Getting the most out of Linkedin. How to prepare for interview and how to shine at interview. Great questions to ask at interview. How to stay focused. Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Looking for a job is a job. You need objectives. You need a plan and you need to work that plan. This course helps you to set your goals and it lays out the steps you need to achieve them. This is a proven path which has led to interviews and job offers for many job seekers. Take your first step to getting a great new position by enrolling on this course.

Expected Outcomes

  1. How to plan your job search.
  2. How to write your CV (or resume)
  3. How to use networking and Linkedin
  4. How to sparkle at interview
  5. How to answer the question, 'Tell me about yourself'
  6. How to answer the question, 'Why should we choose you?'
  7. How to present yourself best in the jobs market.
  8. Gain a march on other candidates.
  9. How to get a great job.
  10. How to use a structured path forward