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If you’re a budding Analyst or experienced professional interested in a career in Data Analytics / Data Science / Financial Analysis then you’re in the right place!

This course is full of information I wish I had before starting my career in Analytics over 15 years ago, so if you’ve ever asked yourself these questions then this course is for you:

– What does it REALLY mean to be an Analyst?

– What are the types of roles Analysts play within organizations?

– What types of companies actually hire Analysts?

– Which technical skills do I need to know in order to launch my career?


As a bonus, I’ve also included an Excel proficiency test and walk through for you to practice on at the end of the course. This will not only give you hands on experience with some of the most valuable functions Analysts will use within Excel, but the test is yours to keep and practice on.

Want more? In this course I also tell you how to access my free, private Analytics group on FB where you can learn from other like-minded individuals while gaining direct access to me and early release content. This group is worth well more than the price of the course itself, many times over.

Join me in my quest to change the world through data, one Analyst at a time!

Expected Outcomes

  1. What it means to be an analyst
  2. The different types of roles Analysts typically have within organizations including Data Science / Data Scientist, Financial Analyst, Marketing Analyst, more
  3. The different types of companies that hire analysts
  4. The typical career path for an Analyst
  5. An overview of the basic technical job skills for Analyst positions
  6. Basic Excel proficiency testing walk-through