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Hey there!

There are a lot of good courses on Udemy about Android development, but I’ve found out that most of them aren’t up to date. Technologies are developing fast, and I’ve decided to create course with up to date information and API. And this course takes the best from both universes – Java and Kotlin!

Though Kotlin is the modern trendy Android development language, there are still a lot of apps in Java language which have to be maintained. Also you can find huge amount of code gems in Java language on the Internet!

So I’ve decided to include in this course the best from both worlds – Java and Kotlin – so you can become really cool Android Rockstar!

I add new information in this course every month so stay tuned!

My name is YouRa Allakhverdov, I graduated Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in ‘System Programming’ in 2006 and the last few years I have been developing mobile and web applications, as well as teaching programming.

The profession of developer has opened up great opportunities for me and I will be happy to help you become a software developer.

Do you want to increase your income as an Android developer? Maybe you have a lot of ideas for applications, but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for the Android and Java developer career that will finally give you the freedom and flexibility you were looking for?

Welcome to the ‘Android development – from zero to mastery. Java & Kotlin‘ course!

This course is suitable for everyone – both for those who want to become a professional in the development of Android applications, and for those who just want to do it as a hobby and make good money on it – no programming experience is required.

We will study and analyze in detail all the wisdom of Android development, necessary to start a career.

If you want to

– learn how to create any Android application

– place your application on Google Play and earn money on it

– become a professional Android developer, start your career on any freelance platform and work from anywhere in the world

– change profession to one of the most popular in the modern world

then you have chosen the right direction!

Are you ready for the future?

There are many career opportunities in the IT industry. But one of the areas that has grown significantly lately is the development of mobile applications.

Mobile devices are everywhere – two-thirds of the world’s population are connected by mobile devices. This is more than 5 billion unique mobile subscribers. This means that using mobile apps for everything from shopping to travel, scheduling appointments, design, playing video games and much more – on a mobile device – has become commonplace.

As a result, the need for mobile app developers has grown and will continue to grow over time. Startups are also creating great demand for mobile app developers, and many of these startups are willing to pay very competitive salaries to worthy candidates. Many startups are already switching only to mobile applications without a web environment; in a sense, the revolution in computing devices that we saw two decades ago is now taking place on the mobile front.

What does it mean to be a mobile app developer?

With the necessary qualifications and experience, a career in application development boasts an annual salary range from 89,000 to 125,000 US dollars. Of course, this will depend on your employer, as well as how many years you have been working.

Like your salary, your responsibilities will depend on the employer, on how much experience you have in developing applications, as well as on the platform or OS for which you are developing applications.

Demand for new and innovative mobile applications continues to grow. Because of this rapid growth, you have many opportunities to work both in the company and on a freelance basis. Finding the right position that matches your specific skills, now or in the future, will not be a difficult task, which means that a career in developing mobile applications is a good, stable choice for your future.

According to many IT recruiters and managers, the demand for mobile application developers far exceeds the supply at the moment. It is expected that in the coming years the market for mobile application developers will grow significantly.

The ‘Android development – from zero to mastery. Java & Kotlin ’ course will give you the foundation you need to start a successful career in this area.

Thank you for your time and reading to this place. I appreciate the time! I also hope that you appreciate it, so I want to tell you – do not wait until tomorrow. World and life moves fast. And I know that you have ideas to share with the world by publishing your application on Google Play.

Programming can really help you achieve your dream.

So click to register today, and join me in this exciting adventure today!

Expected Outcomes

  1. You will learn how to work in Android Studio
  2. You will learn how to develop XML markup and UI for android applications
  3. You will learn the basics of Java, as well as more advanced topics, including OOP
  4. You will learn how to work with audio, video and images.
  5. You’ll learn about Material Design elements like RecyclerView, CardView, and more.
  6. You will learn how to save different types of data in different ways.
  7. You will learn how to work Room Persistence Library
  8. You will learn how to receive data from the Internet
  9. You will learn to use the libraries like Volley, Glide, Picasso
  10. You will learn how to create messenger applications using Firebase – such as Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
  11. You will learn to use the Google Location API
  12. You will learn to use the Google Maps API
  13. You will learn how to create a taxi booking application using Firebase – Uber clone
  14. You will learn how to create Android apps applying Best Practices
  15. You will learn how to create Android games
  16. You will learn how to work with Android Jetpack Components
  17. You will learn how to work with ViewModel
  18. You will learn how to work with Data Binding Library
  19. You will learn about MVVM architecture pattern
  20. You will learn how to work with Retrofit
  21. You will learn how to work with Paging Library
  22. You will learn Kotlin language
  23. You will learn how to create Android apps on Kotlin
  24. You will learn how to work with modern layout – ConstraintLayout
  25. You will learn how to create almost any android application
  26. You can start a career as an android developer on freelance or in an IT company
  27. You can publish your application on Google Play and you can earn on advertising or paid features