Android + Firebase Cloud Messaging - Complete Course

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Course Description

In this course you are going to learn everything you need to successfully implement Firebase Cloud Messaging API, create Push Notifications and target single/multiple users in your application. We are going to use Google Firebase Console (Notification Composer) to actualy design and send our message to Android App. Then in Android App we are going to create a Service, which will trigger notification when we receive a message from Firebase. Learning with me, you will realise how easy it will be to implement this.

Also you are going to learn everything about Notifications in Android: Anatomy, Usage, Limits, Different Styles, Custom Notification Layouts, Images, Text, Action Buttons, Intents, Notification Channels, Vibration, Light, Sound and more.

Cloud Messaging is a MUST if you are planning to develop Modern Application.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Target a Single User/Device
  4. Target Multiple Users/Devices
  5. Send Image Payload
  6. Send Data Payload
  7. Trigger Notification from Background & Foreground
  8. Learn Android Notification Anatomy
  9. Learn about Notification Channels
  10. Create Basic Notification
  11. Create Expandable Notification
  12. Create Custom Notification Layout
  13. Add Notification Action Button
  14. BigText Notification
  15. BigPicture Notification
  16. Inbox Style Notification
  17. Trigger Light and Vibration